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Sandboxie becomes freeware, soon-to-be open source

Sophos plans to open source Sandboxie, a relatively popular Windows utility that allows users to run applications in a sandbox. Until that happens, they’ve made the utility free. About Sandboxie Sandboxie creates a virtual container in which untrusted programs can be run or installed so that they can’t maliciously modify the underlying OS or data on the host machine. If can make the use of apps such as browsers, email programs, IM clients, Office suites, … More

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Uighurs in China were target of two-year iOS malware attack – reports

Android and Windows devices also targeted in campaign believed to be state-backed

Chinese Uighurs were the target of an iOS malware attack lasting more than two years that was revealed last week, according to multiple reports.

Android and Windows devices were also targeted in the campaign, which took the form of “watering hole attacks”: taking over commonly visited websites or redirecting their visitors to clones in order to indiscriminately attack each member of a community.

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How do I remove malware from my Windows laptop?

Don’s laptop is infected with malware and he’d like a clean machine, what’s the best way?

What’s the cheapest way to get my Windows laptop swept and cleaned out of malware etc? Don

There are two obvious ways to clean a Windows laptop, and both of them are free. The first is to run a number of anti-malware programs to find and remove the bad stuff. The second is to reset it to factory condition.

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