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Save up to 25% off your course fees

Boost your information security career and become proficient in industry-standard roles such as Incident Responder, Vulnerability  Analyst, Secure Software Assessor, and more… To help you get started, we’re now offering volume discounts based on the number of courses you enroll in at once.

How do our volume discounts work?

Our new volume discounts are based on the number of courses you enroll in at once. You can either pick one of our training paths or a combination of courses of your choice.

The discount automatically applies on the complete amount of all course fees in one transaction so you won’t need a coupon code. Several transactions, existing courses, or consecutive enrollments will not be considered for a volume discount.

Here’s how these combined course fees are discounted:

Enroll in 2 courses
= Get 10% off
Enroll in 3 courses
= Get 15% off 
Enroll in 4 courses
= Get 20% off
Enroll in 5+ courses
= Get 25% off 

The volume discounts are valid for course fees only, but cannot be used for installments, be combined with any other offers, or used for a group of students. Please click here for corporate enrollments:

Get 15% off your chosen training path

Our new Training Paths were developed to help you become proficient in industry-standard roles outlined in the NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework by NIST. By enrolling in one of our Training Paths, you’ll get 15% off your course fees. But that’s not all, following a training path has more value than just a volume discount. Click below to find out more:

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5 Reasons To Follow Our Training Paths

Becoming an expert in a field – let alone an industry – requires time and effort. Most of all, dedication. While a single training course might teach you a lot, following a training path can bring a whole lot more to the table in the long run. Find out five ways our training paths can help you reach your goals and more.

1. Save time and money

How much time do you spend looking for the right IT Security course? One of the reasons why our experts developed our new Training Paths is to help you save both time and money. These combinations of courses were thought of as a guide for you to become proficient in the industry-standard role of your dreams and to help you get there.

2. Assess real practical skills

Designed with a particular role in mind, our training paths help you gain the right skills necessary to succeed. With access to thousands of course materials and hundreds of lab hours to practice real-life scenarios, you will learn all the theoretical knowledge and practical techniques you need, and become certified to prove your IT Security skills.

3. Receive lifetime new course-updates

To stay up-to-date on new threats and techniques, we’re now offering you LIFETIME NEW COURSE-UPDATES! If you complete a path by obtaining all the certifications in it, you’ll receive lifetime course-updates for those courses at no cost 😉 Are you one of our students? Enjoy this offer by completing a training path. Just enroll and get certified in the remaining course(s) of your desired path. Who’s up for a new challenge?

4. Be recognized as an expert

All of our certifications are valid for a lifetime. However, this does not mean that your skills won’t need a little upgrade from time to time. We all know it, IT Security professionals need to keep up with new threats and techniques. With free and lifetime new course-updates added automatically to your member’s area, you’ll not only be able to study upgraded materials but also to get access to a whole new set of labs. You tell us… what’s a better way to become the expert?

5. 1 path, 1 invoice, 3 times more skills

Whether you’re an IT Security professional trying to get approval for the training you need or the back office trying to eliminate red tape, our new Training Paths, based on the NICE Cybersecurity Framework, make everyone’s day a little easier and more efficient. Not only are these training paths a great option for you to step up your game and learn 3 times more skills, they’re also a great solution for companies of all size to train their IT Security team and new hires.

Have we piqued your interest? Click below to discover our training paths.



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The Enterprise Defender Training Path

Designed as a guide to help you become proficient in the NICE role of System Administrator, the Enterprise Defender training path can also easily be integrated into corporate education plans. Read more about this path below.

The Enterprise Defender training path 

The Enterprise Defender path is the most advanced and hands-on training path related to enterprise defense in the market, and the network security skills, web application security skills and threat hunting skills you will obtain from this path will make you a precious blue team member in any organization.

This path starts by providing you with practical network security skills such as secure network design and configuration, vulnerability management, endpoint security and patch/group policy management. Then, you will become a web application security expert, since you will learn how to harden web applications, how to detect intrusions and apply virtual patches, how to perform static analysis against given source code and ultimately, how to implement effective data validation, error handling, and authentication/authorization mechanisms.

Lastly, you will learn all about threat intelligence and threat hunting in order to be equally capable of proactively hunting intruders on endpoints, the wire and in memory.

This training path helps develop proficiency towards the NIST role of System Administrator.

The System Administrator role

As a System Administrator, you will be responsible for setting up and maintaining a system or specific components of a system (e.g. for example, installing, configuring, and updating hardware and software; establishing and managing user accounts; overseeing or conducting backup and recovery tasks; implementing operational and technical security controls; and adhering to organizational security policies and procedures).

Get started with your professional training

Get started on the Enterprise Defender training path, click on the course icon(s) to request your free trial:

By enrolling in this training path, you’ll get a volume discount of 15% off the course fees. If you complete a path by obtaining all the certifications in it, you’ll receive lifetime course-updates for those courses at no cost!

A Solution For Companies Of All Sizes

From Junior to Expert within the world’s largest organizations, we provide each member of your team with relevant practical cybersecurity skills. Have one of our specialists show you what this training path can do for your IT Security team, fill in this form to schedule a demo and know more about our corporate solutions.

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