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The War Few Are Talking About

There is a growing war among nations and the potential victims may not even know they are targeted as pawns in a larger geopolitical game. This war is not being fought openly with the same territorial expansion objectives of conventional 20th century warfare or with the threat of mutually assured annihilation from the Cold War. Rather, it is being waged just below the threshold of armed conflict to advance geopolitical agendas. Now that I have your attention, let me explain.

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Everybody reboot! VPNFilter Malware infects 500k Routers

Newly discovered malicious software dubbed VPNFilter has infected hundreds of thousands of routers and network attached storage (NAS) devices globally and could be used to steal sensitive data or wipe out (“brick”) the devices, the company said.  Cisco’s Talos research group warned on Wednesday that newly discovered malware,...

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Security Gaps Remain as OT, IT Converge

The accelerating digitization of business, driven by compelling commercial arguments, is driving the integration of new information technology (IT) networks with older operational technology (OT) networks. This is introducing new security risks to old technology and old technology practices -- and where the OT is driving a critical manufacturing plant, the new risk is from nation-state actors as well as traditional cyber criminals.

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