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Protecting the remote workforce to be enterprises’ prime focus in 2021

Protecting the remote workforce will be enterprises’ prime focus in 2021, according to a Cato Networks survey of 2,376 IT leaders. IT teams struggled in the early days of the pandemic, rushing to meet the urgent need for widespread remote access. Connecting users often came at the expense of other factors, such as security, performance, and management. As 81% of respondents expect to continue working-from-home (WFH), 2021 will see enterprises address those other areas, evolving … More

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Companies turning to MSPs as attack vectors get more sophisticated

Research from Infrascale reveals new information security insights important to MSPs in the new year. The research survey highlights business executive input, from a security perspective, on COVID-19, on cloud adoption, and on standards compliance. As 65% of those surveyed have seen an increase in information security breaches in their industry since the pandemic began, it’s not surprising that even more, 74% of all respondents, have chosen caution and implemented new infosec technology. A robust … More

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Out today: Defending against critical threats: A 12 month roundup

Inside, we take a retrospective look at cyber threats, and how they have evolved in the last 12 months. In something a little different to our previous reports, we’ve designed this in a magazine style format to include both interviews with security experts, and research driven features.

Our intention is to help inform strategic decision-making, as organizations prepare for threats they may encounter in the future. 

As a couple of callouts, we’ve included articles that address the ways cyber criminals sought to take advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic, be it through phishing campaigns, leveraging the great migration to remote work, or even going after health care organizations themselves.

Our interview with Esmond Kane, CISO for Steward Health Care, also shines a light on how COVID-19 impacted those on the security front line. 

In other topics, we’ve seen a large evolution in ransomware over the past year. Edmond Brumaghin, threat researcher for Cisco Talos, has pulled together some terrific research on Big Game Hunting attacks. This is when cyber criminals seek to monopolize a ransomware deployment by targeting backup systems, domain controllers, and other business-critical servers during a “post-compromise” phase. 

Our cover feature is the topic of election security. Cisco Talos spent four years conducting hands-on research into this field, and within this publication, we have an interview Matt Olney, Director of Talos threat intelligence and interdiction (who led this research) to capture his thoughts post-election. 

As our team were pulling this magazine together, what really struck me was that the topics illustrate how cyber threats impact our lives on a human level  from threats against our democracy, to our healthcare, to the organizations we work within. 

I hope you enjoy the read.

Click to read ‘Defending against critical threats: A 12 month roundup’

For more on these threat topics, take a listen to the latest episode of the Security Stories podcast.

Ben Nahorney, (my co-editor for the magazine), and I are joined live by Edmund Brumaghin to learn more about big game hunting attacks. Plus, we have the full interview with Esmond Kane to hear more about his experiences leading security on the front line of healthcare.

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Malware incidents on remote devices increase

52% of organizations experienced a malware incident on remote devices in 2020, up from 37% in 2019, a Wandera report reveals. Of devices compromised by malware in 2020, 37% continued accessing corporate emails after being compromised and 11% continued accessing cloud storage, highlighting a need for organizations to better determine how to configure business tools to ensure fast and safe connectivity for all users in 2021. Other findings In 2020, 28% of organizations were regularly … More

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Revenue for 5G enterprises in the Asia-Pacific region to reach $13.9B by 2024

Mega trends across the government and public sector, healthcare, manufacturing, and telecommunications are posing new challenges to end users in vertical industries in the Asia-Pacific region, Frost & Sullivan finds. These changes are pushing enterprises to transform and enable new use cases that are critical in supporting and optimizing enterprise business processes to improve business efficiency. In addition to impacting mega trends, the COVID-19 pandemic is driving the need for critical and vital broadband, remote … More

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#CiscoChat Live: Recapture Your Time and Get More Out of Secure Remote Working

How do you feel when you hear phrases like, “the pandemic”, “remote working”, “the new (or next) normal”? Fatigued?

You are not alone.

Most of us are experiencing online fatigue as a result of working from home for months now. Worse, we’re physically and mentally fatigued by the shift to the “always on” mode with remote working. It doesn’t take much if you think about it. Just ask yourself, “How many more hours do you find yourself working on a daily basis now that you’re working from home?” all while keeping your remote employees and your company data secure all at the same time. There is a better way. Simplify, simplify, simplify.

Join us for a #CiscoChat Live on how to get time back and start unlocking the opportunity ahead while you and your employees continue to work remotely. Especially,  as the transition to a hybrid work environment begins, we’ll discuss how you do this while ensuring a simple and secure experience. Learn from experts from both Cisco Security and our customers as they talk about the future of secure remote work including the major trends, 10 key takeaways and how Cisco can help you on this journey  – so you can get back some time and some much-needed peace of mind. 


Recapture Your Time and Get More Out of Secure Remote Working
Thursday, January 14 at 3:00 p.m. ET, 12:00 p.m. PT

Philipp Neidlein, IT Product Manager Voice & Data Network, Festo
Collin John, Global Security Manager, Alvarez & Marsal
Ben Munroe, Director of Product Marketing, Cisco
Jolene Tam, Product Marketing Manager, Cisco SecureX

Hazel Burton, Product Marketing Manager, Cybersecurity Thought Leadership 

Join our live broadcast on these channels: homepage 
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Using the social media channels above, you will have the opportunity to ask questions about how remote working is changing, the challenges, even participate in a few polls, and learn the role security can play in helping simplify a secure experience. Set your clocks and mark your calendars for January 14th at 12:00 p.m. PT syou get some time and much needed peace of mind back into your work life.