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Warning! Unprivileged Linux Users With UID > INT_MAX Can Execute Any Command

Hold tight, this may blow your mind… A low-privileged user account on most Linux operating systems with UID value anything greater than 2147483647 can execute any systemctl command unauthorizedly—thanks to a newly discovered vulnerability. The reported vulnerability actually resides in PolicyKit (also known as polkit)—an application-level toolkit for Unix-like operating systems that defines

Critical Kubernetes privilege escalation flaw patched, update ASAP!

A critical privilege escalation vulnerability affecting the popular open source cluster management and container orchestration software Kubernetes has been patched on Monday. The project maintainers are urging users to update their installations as soon as possible, since the flaw can be easily exploited remotely by unauthenticated attackers to gain access to vulnerable Kubernetes clusters and the applications and data within them. About the vulnerability (CVE-2018-1002105) CVE-2018-1002105 affects the Kubernetes API server – more specifically, its … More

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