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Google Chrome’s Dark Mode For macOS To Arrive In Early 2019

Chrome’s Dark Mode in macOS Mojave to come by early 2019

In early September this year, it was rumored that Google would be launching the latest version of Chrome with support for Dark Mode on macOS Mojave in December. But Chrome users were left disappointed, as Chrome 71 that was released last week did not include support for Dark Mode.

For the unaware, Dark Mode instantly changes all the compatible apps to a dark color palette when enabled in System Preferences. In other words, dark colors are used in place of light colors in the user interface, for instance, such as the menus, tabs, bookmark bar, Omnibox, status bar, and dialog boxes.

However, a recently submitted code change by a Google developer on a post on Reddit (via MacRumors) suggests that support for macOS dark mode will be arriving in a future release of Chrome. The new code change submitted in Chromium hints at system-level Dark Mode.

According to MacRumors, changes made in Chromium usually roll out every six weeks or so, which means that Dark Mode for macOS is unlikely to make it for Chrome 72 release due in mid-to-late January. This implies that Dark Mode may likely come with Chrome 73 sometime in March 2019.

While Dark Mode has yet to be supported on Google’s Chrome, the search giant’s other service, YouTube is already supporting Dark Mode.

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Apple releases security updates for Macs, iDevices, AppleTV

Another month, another set of Apple security updates: if you’re using macOS, iOS, Shortcuts for iOS, tvOS, Safari, and iCloud and iTunes for Windows, it’s time to get patching. The updates The Safari, iCloud and iTunes updates have a lot of overlap – two Safari bugs that can lead to address bar or user interface spoofing, six WebKit issues that can be triggered by the processing of maliciously crafted web content to achieve remote code … More

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Additional Crispiness on the MacOS box of apples sandbox

In November 2015 we first released our MacOS sandbox. We now have an incremental feature improvements live on our site to help our users get further behavioral information from samples scanned with VirusTotal

Several improvements visible to users are:

  • Sandbox updated to OSX 10.11 El Capitan in sandbox.  We have a High sierra update planned for later this year. 
  • Detailed HTML analysis report is now available. 
  • Screenshots of the software under analysis to provide more contextual information:
    • Show screenshots of what a user would see
    • Help determine if the sample is waiting for user input
  • Network traffic reports updated
    • Country Detection
  • Timestamps on file operations,  to help show the sequence of events.
  • Process tree is shown if there is more than one level of processes

To view the detailed behavior report, click on the behavior tab, then select the Box of Apples sandbox, then click on the detailed report link

Click on the detailed behavior report. 

Some Samples that might be interesting, that contain the new features:

Screenshots and File operations

DNS, IP Traffic and Behavior tags

This is part of the Multi-Sandbox project.    We’ll continue to improve our own and 3rd party sandbox providers that wish to integrate sandboxes into VirusTotal.

If you find any issues, or have feature requests, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us by emailing