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McAfee Team Members Share Their Virtual Onboarding Experiences

At McAfee, ensuring our new team members are well prepared and supported for their roles is a top priority. From the first day of onboarding, team members are nurtured and given the tools they need for successful development.

McAfee’s traditional in-person orientation process has evolved virtually because of the pandemic. But the approach and goal is the same – to transition new team members as efficiently and comfortably as possible so they can make an immediate impact.

We asked four recent additions to the McAfee family what it’s like to join the company via virtual onboarding. They were asked to share how McAfee helped them acclimate to work life as a new employee and to offer highlights now that they’ve settled into their new roles.

Here is what they had to say:

Daniella, Regional Account Manager, Plano, Texas

Virtual resources make a difference: “It was my first time onboarding virtually and it felt like a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The process was executed very well, and all training materials were made available to me online. I believe providing these virtual resources was extremely helpful in my onboarding experience.”

Settling in with the right tools, team support: “Like most people in similar circumstances, I wondered what virtual onboarding was going to be like. How could I possibly retain this amount of information? At the end of the day, you realize that you really do have all the right resources. My manager was great and looped me in, and was able to help me to quickly acclimate to my role on the team. My onboarding buddy and fellow team members were also a huge help.”

Engaging and exceeding expectations: “I adapted to my new work life and virtually accomplished everything that most do in-person. I took all of my assessments online and team members offered the different resources that were essential to accomplishing my day-to-day work. My trainer was also very engaging throughout the process.”

Virtually learning to engage customers: “Through daily meetings, my sales coach prepared me for interactions with customers. I learned different ways to engage for meetings and customer visits, and was able to practice my sales pitch just as if it were in person.”

Building better relationships: “In cybersecurity, you are constantly in a state of learning. You never stop the process of improving yourself, your skills, your salesmanship and your relationships. I am now acclimated to my role and building better relationships with my customers.”

John, Global Business Director – Amazon, Seattle, Washington

A Productive Day One: “The basic onboarding process was easy and enabled me to get the necessary tools like a badge, email and computer equipment prior so that the first day on the job was more productive than prior experiences. I could preview the excellent benefits and enroll shortly after starting, as well as acquire office equipment necessary for me to work from home.”

Easy-to-follow training, introductions: “As an experienced leader, I had no apprehension about virtual onboarding. McAfee’s training and general onboarding introductions were easy to follow and required no advance preparation. While some of the training was time consuming, it was not a burden and frankly insightful.”

Finding balance and having fun: “My role is global, so I found balance between work and family time by juggling the global time zones and meetings. The numerous social and professional groups as well as the MS Teams program with McAfee helped with acclimating to the company. McAfee always keeps it fun with competitions and challenges on the Social Hub between employees. Virtual coffee and happy hours help too.”

Collaborative and better together: “We’re having a strong year, and a big reason is that the team has been very welcoming and always willing to provide training and support – very collaborative. Our best days lie ahead. We are better together and getting better every day.”

Mark, Director of Credit and Collections, Plano, Texas

A very normal virtual experience: “Initially, I experienced some apprehension about onboarding remotely. It’s difficult enough to learn a new job in the office, and I was worried that learning remotely without having someone sitting next to me might complicate training. But my anxiety quickly dissipated, and I can honestly say that the McAfee onboarding experience felt very normal. My manager, peers and those reporting to me were extremely helpful and stayed in constant communication as I navigated through the first several weeks at McAfee.”

Ease of learning through technology: “Virtual meetings via Teams helped me to quickly acclimate. Talking to others via video was comforting and enabled me to get to know other McAfee team members. McAfee’s onboarding technology made it very easy to learn remotely.”

No need to fear onboarding remotely: “I can truly say that the one major highlight that stands out for me is just getting to know so many amazing employees in this organization. No one should fear or have any anxiety when onboarding virtually at McAfee. It has been and continues to be a great and exciting experience!”

Rachel, Sr. Sales Operations Analyst, Plano, Texas

Easy to learn and understand: “The virtual onboarding experience was easy. The learning hub is an excellent resource and helped simplify the process, in addition to offering great product training. As someone who is not only new to McAfee but also the cybersecurity industry, I knew I would have a lot to catch up on. Everything was very easy to understand.”

Very responsive and helpful: “My recruiter stayed in touch with me and made sure my questions were answered. Any time I needed something, the human resources department was very responsive and helpful. My team also rallied around me and have provided a lot of support since I joined McAfee.”

Achieving a steady course: “I love it at McAfee and everyone has been so supportive. Teammates have been incredibly helpful in guiding me through each of their best practices so I could build my roadmap to success.”

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Honoring Our Brave Military Veterans from the McAfee Community

Paying Tribute

November 11 marks Veterans Day and Remembrance Day. It is a time for us to come together and honor the brave men and women who have risked their lives to protect our nations.

We pay tribute to those who have served in the U.S. military during Veterans Day. In the Commonwealth countries, we honor military members through Remembrance Day, a day to remember those who have passed on in the line of duty.

At McAfee, we’re proud to work with our veterans! They’ve served and protected our countries and today, they protect all that matters at McAfee.

To honor their sacrifice, we asked McAfee veterans to share throwback photos from their days of service or photos with loved ones in service. Check them out!


Thoughts from our veteran community
This Veterans Day, members from our McAfee Veterans Community share what this day means to them:

This day reminds me of the people I worked with and the difference we made. It’s the people who volunteer to serve in the military, sacrificing years of their lives, and in some cases, their very lives, who guard and protect the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution. All military personnel take an oath that, in part, says, ‘I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same.’ This oath doesn’t expire when a service member leaves military service.

Andrew, Senior Service Reliability Engineer, Cloud


This day is the day we honor the silver haired guy in a Prius with a Silver Star license plate or the quiet thirty something mom in the store with her noisy kids wearing the Marine-Corps T-shirt with two tours in Afghanistan under her belt.. Not everyone was a Delta operative or a Navy SEAL. They all however – to a man and woman – had their place in the system that kept us safe. Find them; thank them for their service and your freedom.” 

–  Kevin, Customer Success Manager, CSG


I will never stop being Ex Armed Forces. I think fondly of my time in the Royal Navy. I would do it all again in a heartbeat. I still get a lump in my throat when I hear “Heart of Oak” or the “The Last Post” being played. The friends I made and the people I met during my service from all countries and all parts of the Armed Forces, friend or foe, all have a similar vein running through them. Remembrance Day reminds me that while some of us are not here anymore, that vein is still with us and them.

– Paul, Associate Technical Support Engineer, Customer Success Group


My family has a history of service and I grew up knowing I would join the Military. I joined the Royal Navy in 1982 at age 18. I’m proud to have served and I will continue to observe the 1 minute silence and attend the remembrance service and take the time to remember the sacrifice. Lest we not forget. For those brave who gave their lives so we could live ours.” 

– Tudor,  Sr. Project Manager – New Product Information, Global Product Operations


We continue to make strides in actively recruiting veterans and nurturing career growth by empowering the transferable skills from active duty. Join us!


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One Team Member Selflessly Provides Relief to COVID-19’s Front Line

By: Heiko, Senior Security Engineer, Germany

© By Christian Beier

I never could have imagined that what started as a national duty to volunteer in Germany would spark an innate passion of giving back to those in need during a time of crisis.

For many years, German men were required to spend 15 months in the military after graduating from school or volunteer for community service for an equal amount of time over eight years. I chose to volunteer for the Technische Hilfswerk (THW). THW is a civic organization that provides professional help to people in distress.

Little did I know that the experience would be so rewarding that 23 years later, and with the help of McAfee’s Volunteer Time Off (VTO) benefit, I would be spending much of my free time helping those in need of THW’s services.

Providing a backup plan in the fight against the coronavirus

THW has been instrumental in providing much needed resources during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, including erecting mobile clinical testing stations across the country and providing critical relief services for front line defense against the virus.

When the hot phase of COVID-19 reached Germany this spring, THW began preparing to build temporary hospital facilities in case the virus threatened to overwhelm hospitals. Temporary camps are built from scratch to house relief units of 500 people and more.

With more than two decades of disaster-response exercises and training behind me, I’ve become very acquainted with constructing these facilities. So, I wasn’t surprised when THW asked me to work with a local fire department to build one to increase the community’s hospital capacity for treating infected patients.

We organized containers with showers and toilets, designed the infrastructure to connect them to the existing water supply, arranged for beds and mattresses and planned needed power requirements. Volunteers assisted in transporting materials and supplies to the facility and assembling the various hospital pieces.

Developing a passion for assisting others

Over the years, volunteering for the THW has become a passion. Many of my best friends are part of the effort, which makes it even more rewarding.

Building the temporary camp was hard and required patience. For two weeks, the 12-hour days were taxing but it was worth it to contribute to the battle against COVID-19.

The spirit of our small group and others kept each of us motivated to meet our goal. Everyone did what he or she could do best, and people from other departments and organizations were willing to be as flexible as possible. I was proud to offer my training at THW to help pull together the community.

Regardless, it wouldn’t have been possible for me to help if not for McAfee’s support. My colleagues and manager chipped in to manage my projects, invoking the true spirit of teamwork.

There is no question that McAfee enables its employees to become a greater part of the community and assist whenever and wherever needed. That benefit makes it even more rewarding to give back to the community.

At McAfee, we encourage and support the efforts of our team members to make a difference in their communities. If you’re interested in joining the McAfee team, we’d love to hear from you.

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Spotlighting McAfee’s Women in Technology Scholarship Recipients

Working at McAfee is so much more than fighting off cyber-attacks; it’s also about learning valuable life lessons and fostering meaningful relationships. Recipients of our Women in Technology (WIT) Scholarship learned firsthand the immeasurable growth and invaluable experience gained at McAfee through their participation in the summer internship program in Cork, Ireland.

As we accept applications for prospective scholars from now until November 20, we are reminded of the positive impact this program has had on previous participants. The program offers 3000 Euro annum for the chosen student per year of the course, a summer internship at McAfee Cork, and a mentor who offers guidance to the scholar on managing their academic career.

From building professional relationships to developing the skills needed for a successful career in STEM-related fields through mentorships and training, four Women in Technology (WIT) Scholarship winners share their unique experiences in the program:

Alison, Mathematical Sciences

The WIT Scholarship has been incredible for me in so many ways—from the practical experience of working at McAfee to the inspiration and support that I have received from my mentors and other brilliant people during my time here. I was able to put the monetary support I received towards studying at UC San Diego in 2019. The scholarship has opened so many doors for me.

The skills I have learned at McAfee have helped me with my University projects. I had the chance to improve my coding abilities, learn new languages, and use statistical tools. In an educational environment, you sometimes miss the “Why are we doing this?” aspect of learning a new skill. Through my projects at McAfee, I understood the practical implementation of coding and statistics, which gave me a greater appreciation for what I was learning in school and motivated me to further improve my skills.

Clodagh, Financial Maths and Actuarial Science

During my internship, I had the chance to work with the Database Security team. I really felt like a member of the team and was made to feel valued. Everyone in McAfee was extremely friendly and approachable.

In addition to receiving the scholarship, I was lucky enough to receive two mentors. My initial mentor Ciara was incredibly thoughtful, motivational, and truly inspiring. She encouraged me to take part in extracurricular activities, so I became a committee member of the Math society in UCC. She provided me with numerous inspirational books and was always readily available to answer any questions. At the end of my second-year scholarship, I received a new mentor: Jill. She  was incredibly helpful, kind, and a valuable resource in my career progression.

My plan for the future is to learn more coding languages and hopefully complete another internship with McAfee! It is truly an amazing experience.

Jade, Mathematical Sciences

I had the opportunity to work alongside the Applied Data Science team. They gave me lots of advice and enlightened me on their own career journeys. Their experiences gave me confidence and reassurance in my course choice and I realized that there are so many career opportunities in programming. I’ve learned so many new skills, some of which were not covered in school, and I feel like I have a true advantage in the industry.

I have learned so much about working in a multinational company. I participated in the daily stand-ups with the team. I learned about sprint demos as well as the Agile and Waterfall methods. I attended all-hands meetings, which was a brand-new experience for me. I learned how to research effectively and swiftly pass that information onto my team. I also participated in an internal dataset competition; First, learning about Machine Learning and then building my own. I managed to host my own meeting for others who wanted to get involved, which was nerve-wracking but I’m glad I did it.

Aine, Data Science & Analytics

I’m incredibly grateful for the vast support and opportunities that I have received through my learning path in STEM to date, particularly my involvement in the McAfee WIT Scholarship Program. My experience with McAfee has  further enriched my educational experience and cultivated my passion for science and technology.  As a result of receiving this scholarship, I’ve developed a particular interest in the application of data science in cyber-security. Cyber crime and cyber threats have an ever-increasing potential to cause serious harm to our society so I’m fascinated by the application of data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence in saving lives.

Want to become a 2020 WIT Scholar? Apply now!

Know any future scientists? The closing date to apply for the WIT Scholarship is Friday, November 20, 2020. For more details on applying, click here.

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Celebrating multi-national cultures this Hispanic Heritage Month

Do you know the difference between Hispanic and Latino? What about the traditions that are important parts of the Hispanic culture? Or beloved Spanish or Portuguese phrases that don’t come across in English?

McAfee’s team spans 45 countries, making us a team rich in cultural diversity. We are always learning more about each other and celebrate Latin culture year-round. To commemorate Hispanic Heritage Month, which runs from September 15 – October 15, we’ve asked members of our McAfee Latino Community for their unique perspective on what being Latino means to them and to share more of the distinctive elements of their country of origin and traditions.

Check out some of the wonderful responses we received:

What Being Latino Means to Me:

Favorite Things About Being Latino:

We couldn’t be more proud to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month by elevating the voices of our team members and celebrating the diverse backgrounds and cultures that make up McAfee.

Simply put, a welcoming work culture where every team member feels accepted and celebrated is part of our DNA. We value all voices which make up McAfee and appreciate how they further enrich our culture.

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How Piyush’s remarkable efforts ignited a larger impact of giving back

At McAfee, we support team members who are passionate about giving back. You are encouraged and empowered to make a substantial impact in improving our community and volunteering to help others. 

Piyusha Software architect in our Bangalore office, is a team member particularly passionate about his community and has dedicated countless hours volunteering at the Sheila Kothavala Institute for the Deaf (SKID).  

Two years ago, his impact was multiplied when he shared his volunteer story during McAfee’s Social Initiative Contest (SIC)a program that contributes resources to the causes important to select employees who volunteer for non-governmental organizations (NGO). 

Moved by Piyush’s story, the judges funded his program for two years in a row! Funding enhanced infrastructure of a special school for hearing impaired kids and provided a tactile library that helps visually impaired students see the world through touch. 

We asked Piyusfour questions to learn more. 

How did you get involved? 

I’m a son of educators. My father was a principal and my mother was a university senior lecturer. The importance of educational success runs deep for me. Seven years ago, I found my own educational calling when I was introduced to theSheila Kothavala Institute for the Deaf  (SKID), an organization that supports the education of differently-abled students and equips them to successfully graduate high school. 

How often do you volunteer? 

What started as weekend volunteer endeavor soon grew into an every-morning commitment. Before going into work at McAfee, dedicate an hour each morning teaching math and volunteering with students at SKID.  

What has helped you the most in your volunteer journey? 

Figuring out how to communicate with hearingimpaired kids was a challenge for me. However, the immense support I received from the kids helped to relieve a lot of the pressure. I started to learn sign language along with them and became more effective at teaching. Spending time every day with these kids has motivated me in unexpected ways. Not only do I want to do as much as I can for them, but I also find myself more engaged at work. I’m thankful McAfee supports our passions in and out of the office.

Describe how your involvement evolved with SKID. What do you hope to accomplish in the future? 

First, want to thank McAfee for their encouragement as I can take my volunteer activities to greater heights and accomplish even more through their supportWith the funds McAfee awarded, I was able to establish a complete science lab and build an interactive curriculum that complements day-to-day learning, procure games catered towards kids with special needs, and build a tactile library for visually impaired students. 

After volunteering seven years with hearing-impaired students, this year, I’ve taken it upon myself to work more with the visually impaired. The joy on the faces of these kids continues to motivate me to do even more! 

Piyush is a stunning example of how one person’s selfless contributions have the power to inspire others and spark change on a large scale. He continues to inspire, not just through his unrelenting dedication to helping others, but through his words by encouraging others to take simple steps in giving back.

Looking to work for a company that supports the extraordinary contributions of their team members? Search our job opportunities. 


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Women in Sales Part 5: The Value of Support Networks and Inspiration

Women at McAfee are making powerful contributions to our sales efforts. Saleswomen from varying backgrounds share their unique perspectives in hopes of encouraging more women to join them in sales.  

This weekwomen share the inspirations and support networks which are leading them down successful sales paths. 

And in case you missed it, meet more women at McAfee who discussed opportunities in the fieldoffered insight into the necessary skills to succeedshared the distinguishing traits that defined their success, and illustrated the importance of learning and maintaining balance.

Find a sponsor: First, find someone working in sales or presales who can serve as your sponsor. This is someone who can get you in touch with the right people. Then, show your value, communicate clearly, and own your brand. Make yourself visible and connect with people who can promote you inside of sales. Start with a professional LinkedIn account. Work hard, and most importantly, tell your manager and peers about your goals. If you don’t communicate your interest in advancing or moving to different roles, they won’t be aware and can’t help you get there. 

– Aleks, Inside Sales, Cork, Ireland 

Find inspiration through family: The biggest inspirations for me are my mom and my grandma. Back in the day, my grandma broke glass ceilings with double university degrees and built a career in Soviet Russia when it was uncommon. My mom passed me all her knowledge and her entrepreneur spirit. She has always been very strict and demanding, but she taught me how to be brave and independent. She continues to teach me to this day how to question my own thoughts and habits as well as encourage me to think outside-of-the-box.”

– Anastasia, Inside Sales, Cork, Ireland


Strive to grow and improve. “Early in my career, I worked for an amazing manager. She told me it was up to me to decide what I wanted to be. She also said there was no one right choice if I stayed as an individual contributor or grew to be a senior leader – because whatever I decided, I should be incredibly ambitious and always strive to make myself better. I encourage you to ask a successful woman in tech, ‘How did you get there and what skills are needed to succeed in your role?’ Ask questions, find a mentor and create a plan for how you can enter that space.”  

– Brenda, Consumer Sales, Vancouver, Canada

Look to the women around you: “The women in my family inspire me the most. They are not afraid to take on big challenges that move them forward – whether as a stay-at-home mom, professional in the corporate world, or an entrepreneur. They’ve overcome a lot of challenges. My mother started her own business at the age of 62. She was a stay-at-home mom when my siblings and I were still at home. It is the small things that women do that inspire me all the time!” 

– Carine, Presales/Sales Engineering, Plano, TX, United States 

Partnership goes a long way:
“Networking can create big opportunities. I built a relationship with one of the sales engineers while working in a support role. He came to me for help when he worked with customers and partnered together. I stayed in touch and reached out to him when deciding to pursue a career in sales. I asked for the chance to interview for a sales engineer position and ultimately got the job.” 

– Elizabeth, Presales/Sales Engineering, Plano, TX, United States 

Build support systems with
networking: “Networking is a great way to find out how you fit in a certain role while also making a valuable connection with an organization. Reach out and get know members of a community, association or social networking group like LinkedInDon’t be afraid to seek their advice. Learn from them and, if possible, get referrals. You can always leverage their network(s) to get introductions to various employers. I firmly believe women want to help women succeed.” 

 – Kate, Enterprise Sales – Federal, Washington, D.C. 

 inspiration all around: “​I’m inspired reading about what other ladies like me accomplish daily. I see them juggling so many balls and still be successful, yet they are vulnerable. Many of them advocate publicly and privately for the advancement and equality for all women. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a pioneer and Rosa Parks just decided to say no. They are just two of many, many others who have shaped our world. They are inspiration for many, but we inspire ourselves more than we realize by the things we do every single day. This inspiration has helped me achieve success in the technological world of cybersecurity sales at McAfee. 

– Kristol, Inside Sales, Plano, TX 


Thank you to these talented women for sharing a glimpse into what it takes to be successful in sales. With our combined perspectives and experiences, we can achieve of our mission to protect all that matters.


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Women in Sales Part 4: Achieving success through growth and balance

Women at McAfee are succeeding in cybersecurity salesWith an inclusive culture, raw talent, and passion, McAfee saleswomen continue to grow as professionals and people and seek to inspire women. 

In the last few weeks, women at McAfee discussed opportunities in the fieldoffered insight into the necessary skills to succeed, and shared the distinguishing traits that defined their success 

Now, leading women at McAfee offer to help illustrate the importance of learning and leveraging feedback to stimulate growth necessary for success. They also offer how they balance life, including motherhood, while maintaining bustling professional careers. 

persistence, and time: “Bring passion, persistence, and the right skillset. Acquiring the relevant skills in analytics or sales is important and you must give yourself time to build them. You need the right skills to get started, but passion and persistence will help guide your growth. Remember, everything is possible.” 

 Anna, Sales Operations, Plano, TX, United States 


Responding to feedback: My greatest achievement is reaching my current position, and it’s all because I embraced feedback. People shared they were hesitant to put me in management role. I listened and absorbed that feedback. I then zeroed in on improving in that area. I was passionate about achieving my goal and began to build my reputation and seek buy-in from those around me. I continued to show others what I was capable of and worked collaboratively to achieve great outcomes.” 

Briana, Presales/Sales Engineering, Brooklyn, NY, United States 

Online learning after a career pause:
 It can be a challenge to keep up with technology in a fast-paced industry. left the corporate workforce for five years before joining McAfee; I’m glad McAfee looked beyond that pause in my career. It is encouraging to see McAfee giving opportunities to candidates ready to rejoin the workforce and making a conscious effort in building an inclusive team. I think with the right attitudewillingness to learn, and opportunity, women who’ve paused careers can rejoin the industry. It helps to leverage the many online resources available so you can keep learning about the industry and pick up different skills to equip yourself with relevant knowledge.

– Caris, Sales Operations, Singapore

Hands-on experience
: “Learning never stops. It is important to build the foundation of your knowledge, but true learning comes from engaging in real-world projects. Always be ready to take every challenge and opportunity to start your career in presales. Say yes with intention.” 

 Delaram, Presales/Sales Engineering, Sydney, Australia

and learn from others: My most amazing professional achievement in the last 10 years is my ability to balancmotherhood and a careerThe way McAfee encourages working mothers stimulated the learning experience for me. In sales, you are always learning. Every day is new day with new challenges and experiences. We must listen, because listening teaches us so that we grow – and success comes with growth. Soak up the experience of your peers, leaders, and mentors, and carry the mindset that you will never stop learning. The payoff is worth it. 

 Eadaoin, Inside Sales, Cork Ireland

Embrace challenges, then unplug:
 “I moved to McAfee three years ago through a referral. I was new to the security industry and completely changed territories focusing now on civilian agencies. I looked at this as an opportunity to expand my skillset and continue building my personal brand. At the same time, I always prioritize time for myself. I love my work, but at some point, you need to turn off and call it a day. In my downtime, I love working out, listening to music, or just making time for me. I return to work with clearer focus. I’m very happy at McAfee and look forward to what the future holds.” 

 Kate, Enterprise Sales – Federal, Washington, DC, United States

Me time as a mom:
 “Before I became a mum, time to myself was easy to hold onto and therefore not as important. Now I find myself swinging between working or caring for my child. The rest seems to have disappeared. To become the woman, mother, and professional I want to be, I focus on reclaiming that sanctuary where I make time to exercise, socialize, or simply relax and unwind. I’m not sure I’ve found the right balance just yet, but now that I understand it’s value, I look forward to the journey of finding it.” 

 Kimberly, Channel Sales, Essex, England 

Positive self-talk
 and community: “Positive self-talk every day is important. I do my best to plan my “me time,” but when I don’t have time for myself on some days, I remind myself that it will be okay and make a plan to get the time I need the following day. I encourage myself day to day so that I don’t get lost in the hustle. If I’m a little overwhelmed, one thing that’s particularly helpful is to talk with others about their day. That makes me feel better, and I feel a part of a community.” 

 Kristol, Inside Sales, Plano, TX, United States 

Take time off:
 “I love technology and it’s my passion, but the work isn’t easy. Staying on top of technology advancements is a never-ending learning process. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and work towards finding balance. I used to fear taking vacations or an occasional day off because I thought I might miss something. But that has changed since I know how important time finding the balance between work and personal life is. Sometimes, balance is just part of the greater learning process. Now, each week I look at my schedule and find ‘me’ time. I also try to keep my office and home life separate, especially in the physical space.” 

 Melissa, Presales/Sales Engineering, Plano, TX, United States

We bring out the best in each other
 when all voices are heardIt’s only then when we clear barriers and reach our goals. Coming up, women offer insights into the importance of support systems and inspiration. 

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Women in Sales Part 3: Traits for Success in Cybersecurity Sales

At McAfee, women are finding the inclusiveness and tools to succeed in cybersecurity sales, a field often misconceived because of its technical background. They are doing so through perseverance, resolve, and the know-how to excel as sales professionals. 

We recently kicked off our Women in Sales Series, which features inspiring women at McAfeeIn Part 1, leading women discussed opportunities and in Part 2, they outlined the necessary skills to succeed. 

This week meet more women at McAfee as they share their advice and distinguishing qualities or characteristics that defined their success as cybersecurity sales professionals. 

Be strong, and not disqualify yourself if you aren’t the expert in the room. Remember, nobody has all the answers. Don’t be afraid to ask questions — it demonstrates your willingness to learn. Believe in yourself.” 

— Amy, Enterprise Sales, Charlotte, NC, United States 


Resiliency and practice: “Be brave, and in the face of adversity, just keep ‘swimming.’ You won’t ever become good at anything if you do not try, and like in most things, you only become good at sales with practice. Don’t be afraid to network; it’s essential to building connections outside 

the workplace. Be open to learning either through a mentor or as a volunteer in the industry; it will help you overcome any obstacles.”  

 Anastasia, Inside Sales, Cork, Ireland 

 “Be confident, be prepared, and be a good listener, but most importantly, be curious and willing to improve. When your instinct tells you can do it, do it or learn how to do itIf you don’t understand, ask until you do  the willingness to learn and be honest with yourself will take you a long way. Looking inward will help you work towards self-development. Own your success and listen to your customers and colleagues; they offer so much knowledgeI’ve been lucky to know sponsors who have guided me and signed up for McAfee’s mentor program. The value of sponsors and mentors cannot be defined. Never stop at learning.” 

 Guari, Inside Sales, Mumbai, India


Ambition: “Put yourself out there. Do not become complacent and settle for something below your expectations or the intended result. Make sure your personal brand is solid and leverage that to make connections and network.” 

 Jardin, Inside Sales, Plano, TX, United States 

 “When you get your foot in the door for an interview, be persistent. You should be strong and ask tough questions that may move you out of your comfort zone. I try to close the interviewer and learn from the conversation by asking what concerns they had about my candidacy. Use that opportunity to see where you might improve or strengthen your interview skills. Doing so shows the prospective employer the type of salesperson you can be.”  

 Kate, Enterprise Sales – Federal, Washington, D.C., United States 

onfidence: “Don’t doubt yourself  you can do it. If you are eager and motivated, you can accomplish just about anything. But keep your options open throughout your career journey. You may not want to take a lateral move or step back, but that may be just the opportunity you need to learn more and eventually advance. There are so many roles that support the sales teams to help get you started; not all are quota carrying roles.”  

— Krista, Enterprise Sales, Detroit, MI, United States 

 and patience: “Take charge of your future. When you put yourself out there, you show everybody what you are made of and can rise to the occasion. Your peers will keep you top of mind for the next project or assignment. Remember, though, give yourself grace and time to grow. It may not happen overnight, but it will happen if you demonstrate your ability to assume responsibility.” 

 Kristol, Inside Sales, Plano, TX, United States


Determination: “Don’t hesitate to go after something you want that you know you are qualified. You need to keep trying and don’t give up on things you are passionate about.” 

— Margot, Inside Sales, Plano, TX, United States 

 “I believe that if you know what you want, are determined to get it, and remain true to yourself, you will achieve great things in your career. Your customers and colleagues will appreciate you for it.”  

 Marta, Inside Sales, Cork, Ireland 


Passion: “First, you should have passion. Love what you do and spend time doing it. And get ready to learn the fundamentals for the role that you embrace.”  

 Sandra, Presales/Sales Engineering, Sydney, Australia 


Each of these women offer their own unique perspectives and talents. It takes their combined skills and voices to achieve our mission and protect all that matters  together is power. Next week, McAfee women share key ingredients, such as growth and balance, for sales success.  

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My Experience as a Finance Intern at McAfee for Summer 2020

By: Nilisha, Finance Intern, Plano, TX, United States

Amidst this global pandemic, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to be a Finance Intern at McAfee this summer. Working remotely was something that I never thought I would have to do so soon, however, my experience was nothing short of amazing. From the onboarding process to all of the trainings and workshops, McAfee helped make sure all of the summer interns had the most enriching experience.

As a leading-edge cybersecurity company, McAfee offers advanced security solutions to consumers, small and large businesses, enterprises, and governments. Security technologies from McAfee use a unique and predictive capability, which enables home users and businesses to stay one step ahead of the next wave of fileless attacks, viruses, malware, and other online threats.

As a Central Finance Intern, I was exposed to many different programs and softwares such as Hyperion (financial reporting), SAP (managing financials), Qlik (data discovery and analytics), and Power BI (data modeling). I worked with supportive project leads who enabled me to ask as many questions as I wanted and guided me to successfully complete my projects. My work was used on the latest company cash forecasting, and being recognized for that felt really great. Additionally, during the course of the summer, my fellow interns and I worked together to help automate some of the pre-formatting done on the “big-guy” massive Excel workbook that contained the company financials, known as the CRIB. Getting my hands on that and working with macros and VBA codesmade me realize how I was actually able to solve things on my own and reach out for help whenever I got stuck.

Some fun activities that we did to make our experience as normal as possible was a Finance Intern picnic at a park nearby the office, had a virtual coffee with the CEO, Peter Leav, a Ruins Forbidden Treasure Virtual Escape Room, and numerous Microsoft Teams calls to wind down and grasp the fact that we were lucky enough to make a long-lasting impact. Moreover, People Success, the human resources organization at McAfee, organized many workshops and virtual intern meet-ups from interns across North America. This was a great way to see what other interns were working on and how their experiences were similar and different from mine.

Overall, I found my time at McAfee to be one of the most profoundly educational and productive experiences of my career. I am extremely thankful to McAfee for their investment in me, and for providing me the opportunity to learn, develop, and grow as a member of the McAfee team this summer.

Follow @LifeAtMcAfee on Instagram and @McAfee on Twitterto see what working at McAfee is all about. Interested in a new career opportunity at McAfee? Explore Our Careers.

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Women in Sales Part 2: Skilling up for a Career in Cybersecurity Sales

McAfee fosters an inclusive environment where we value varied life experiences. To showcase women who are making an impact and inspire otherswe launched our Women in Sales Series. 

In Part 1McAfee women described industry opportunities and how they continue to break boundaries to develop rewarding careers. 

Here in Part 2, we introduce women whose unique past experiences helped shape their career paths. They share critical skills for success and words of encouragement for those considering a career in sales. 

Practice clear c
ommunication and collaboration: “In a sales role, you constantly communicate with customers to help them achieve their desired outcomes with evolving solutions. We need people who can maintain relationships while demonstrating their relevance to stakeholders, C-level and highly technical engineer roles. My more successful peers are those who can navigate through various layers of organizational complexity because they know it takes dedication and expertise from everyone on the team to close deals. Keeping team members informed and constantly collaborating is critical throughout every step of the sales process.” 

 Amy, Enterprise Sales, Charlotte, North Carolina 

Be confident and take the leap: My experience started in IT after I graduated from college. Later, I joined technical support at McAfee and was asked if I was interested in a sales engineering role. I didn’t have the experience but was excited to try something new and made the decision to leap into a sales career. My experience in technical support helped me get up to speed in sales engineering, and I love it.”  

— Carine, Presales/Sales Engineering, Plano, Texas 

Build relationships and know the business:
If you’re focused and determined, you can succeed in sales. The most challenging part for me was picking up the sales piece as I already had a technical background. If you want to get into presales, half is relating to people and building strong relationships with the customer. The other half is engineering, and here, you need to learn enough of everything to hold knowledgeable conversations. Investigating resources quickly to source answers for the customer is also important. Be confident in yourself and your abilities.” 

— Elizabeth, Presales/Sales Engineering, Plano, Texas 

Find your passion, then network: “I’ve found a degree in psychology handy in a sales career. It is easier for me to engage with people, read a situation and build rapport. With some experience, I saw a future in sales and carved out my career path. I thought the life of a field sales rep was exciting  greater earnings, more flexibility and so on. Once I knew I had found my path, I looked for opportunities to network with sales executives, get exposure and learn from them. Networking enabled me to build a name for myself and a personal brand.” 

— Kate, Enterprise Sales – Federal, Washington, DC 


Leverage your transferable skills: “I previously worked in real estate designing high rise office buildings. I eventually wanted to try a different field. My presentation and project management skills were transferable, so I changed industries to telecom and began as a technical trainer. I eventually moved into a sales engineering role here at McAfee and am currently in a sales architect role.” 

— Melissa, Presales/Sales Engineering, Plano, Texas 

Understand the customer’s needs: “Sales is about cultivating relationships, understanding the customers’ needs and finding the best solution for them. These are the essential skills when considering a career in sales. You’ll never know if you can be successful if you don’t attempt it.  

— Marta, Inside Sales, Cork, Ireland 

Build a social platform and know when to speak up
: “Look at your collective skillset and see how you can leverage it for sales. Be sure to showcase it on your resume and social channels like LinkedIn. Then network, network, network. Have a few good mentors in your corner who can make some connections for you internally and externally. But remember, are responsible for your career  you must speak up and make sure your career goals and desired career path are known by leadership.” 

— Paige, Sales Operations, Plano, Texas 

Spend time on people
: “When I first began my career in sales operations, it helped me immensely to try and understand other’s points of view. You cannot find success in a vacuum and people are complex. My advice is to take time to understand people. Then, with dedication and hard work, the value you add will show through.” 

— Preet, Sales Operations, Plano, Texas

Speak the language
: “Presales is a bridge that links the technical to the sale, which means you need to understand two languages: technical and business. It is challenging, but also very exciting. For those looking to enter the industry, I recommend you leverage social media and connect with people to tap into their wisdom. This is how I found my current position. 

— Sandra, Presales/Sales Engineering, Sydney, Australia

Understand your team and global partners: “Go for it! The sales industry is unlike any other. A sales role offers an opportunity for anyone with a willingness to put in the work. In my position, there are two key indicators  for success  understanding what motivates my team and navigating the nuances of interacting with diverse, global partners. 

— Sophie, Sales Project Management, Cork, Ireland 

It takes not only the range of talent these women bring to the table, but also passion, motivation and courage to thrive. 
Next week, meet more McAfee women in sales who will provide their perspectives on traits needed for a successful career in cybersecurity sales.  

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What is a McAfee Internship Like? 10 Interns Share Perspectives

At McAfee, we foster meaningful internship experiences within our fast-paced world of cybersecurity We know it’s the next generation that will build tomorrow’s technology solutions. McAfee interns make substantial contributions and are valued as global team membersjoining our mission to protect all that matters. 

This year, McAfee took the intern experience virtual due to the global pandemic. While not our typical experience, this year’s interns continue to thrive. To celebrate National Intern Day, we asked our interns around the world to share insights gained from their experiences.

My new colleagues and leaders have helped me transition from college life to my full-time internship at McAfeeThe people I work with put the customer at the core and are driven to provide the best quality security software. Since day one, I’ve always felt part of the McAfee family.” 

Aaron, QA Engineering and Software Development Intern, Cork


I was interested in McAfee because of the culture. I wanted to work at a place where I was treated well. Everyone is willing to step in and help you get back on the right track. I’ve had to adapt to an online internship environment, but I’m being equipped well to learn and do my work, and I’m really grateful to still have this opportunity. 

Benaisha, Finance Intern, Plano


I was interested in interning a second year at McAfee because of the company’s values and workplace practices. I also enjoyed working in a positive and constructive atmosphere—it’s important to work for a company that wants to help you grow. Ive been able to collaborate and work with people from all over the globe and increase my communication skillsMy biggest takeaway is to never limit yourself and always be openminded in your career field. Today, I’m confident in my capabilities because of the exposure McAfee has given me. 

Blair, People Success Intern, Plano

The current times have made me appreciate how important communication and great teamwork truly is. My colleagues have been excellent mentors and are always available when I have questions. During my time at McAfee, I have taken on the responsibility of QA Lead on a project and have become involved with employee resource groups, including the Women in Security (WISE) Community and Cork Culture Club. 

Deirdre, QA Engineering and Software Development Intern, Cork

“McAfee provided a platform where I
truly feel engaged by various aspects of technology. Most importantly, my work involving foundations for security and data exchange layer has enhanced the quality of my programming. am now more comfortable with the organizational structure, seeking appropriate information and obtaining specific knowledge for responsible project ownership. I am greatly inspired by the vast, positive response by my team in creating an overall environment which fosters growth and career development.” 

Divya, Technical Intern, Bangalore

When I visited the Córdoba site on a college trip, I liked what my eyes sawa very comfortable workplace environment to grow professionally. I viewed this internship as an opportunity to gain experience and knowledge alongside the best professionals in the field. I am learning new technologies, new work approachesinteracting with other professionals and working together as a team, as well as improving my English and living the McAfee Values.” 

Emiliano, Undergraduate Technical InternCórdoba

“I’m learning how the cloud computing industry is actively changing our world. My McAfee team has helped broaden my understanding of computer networking/provisioning, building on what I’ve learned at my university and filling in the gaps. 
This experience has been incredible because we are constantly learning new technologies as a team. Thank you, McAfee, for continuing your internship program during the pandemic.”

Francisco, DevOps Engineer Intern, Santa Clara


 “I wanted to learn more about the ever-evolving cybersecurity world, which is applicable to any and every field or industry. This internship has allowed me to gain knowledge about the private sector while also fulfilling my interest in law. I’ve learned attention to detail and how the ability to effectively negotiate is essential. All the contracts and agreements that are processed through our team are highly important to the business. This is the most impactful and meaningful internship I’ve had in my entire college career. McAfee’s culture is inclusive — and even though I’m an undergraduate intern who is here for a short time, I really feel part of the team.” 

Gia, Public Sector Legal Intern, Reston


McAfee became one of the top companies on my list during my time in an internship program at school as I learned about our products and mission. I wanted to learn more about cybersecurity and to expand my horizons. I have the opportunity to help maintain and improve the system of testing environments for engineers across McAfee. The people I work with regularly provide feedback, guidance and are extremely helpful. McAfee is truly a great place to work, to learn, and more importantly, it’s filled with amazing and talented individuals. Im extremely grateful for the opportunity and thankful to have this incredible experience.”  

Jeff, Software Development Engineering Intern, Hillsboro

“I’m gaining skills and experiences I cannot learn in school. While working on different projects, I’ve been able to familiarize myself with existing UI patterns, work with product managers and engineers to gauge the feasibility of my solutions, receive feedback, iterate on my designs and learn from an amazing community of people.”

Katie, UX Design Intern, Santa Clara

@LifeAtMcAfee on Instagram and @McAfee on Twitterto see what working at McAfee is all about. Interested in a new career opportunity at McAfeeExplore our careers. 

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Women in Sales Part 1: Opportunities for Women Across Cybersecurity Sales

Collaborative, inclusive teams are what redefine cybersecurity solutions for every aspect of our connected world. At McAfee, women are making a significant impact in cybersecurity, including all aspects of sales.  

Executive vice president of global sales and marketing, Lynne Doherty, shares her perspective on the importance of inclusion and leads us into the start of our Women in Sales series: “Fostering inclusion and diversity remains a key ingredient for business success. With the vast benefits to successfully hiring and retaining a workforce shaped by different perspectives, it is predicted that 75 percent of businesses with diverse frontline decision-making teams will exceed their financial targets through 2022. [Gartner, 2019] – Thus proving that inclusion and diversity isn’t just good for company culture, it’s good for business.

“Today, businesses recognize work remains to diversify technology sales. A part of that effort includes a focus on increasing gender diversity right here at McAfee. Opportunities exist for women of varying skillsets and interests across our global sales organization — from sales operations, inside sales, field sales and channel sales to sales engineering.

“Below, meet some of the talented women in sales who have succeeded at McAfee. In this first feature, women share their perspectives on how they continue to break boundaries and achieve success in tech sales.”

Meet McAfee’s Women in Sales

“As women, we have been gaining much more space in the professional world, and companies like McAfee are where we are increasingly more relevant. The sector is evolving, and the market and opportunities are growing. As long as women continue to prepare themselves, starting from time spent in school, and understand that this is a good opportunity to develop, we will improve the statistics. McAfee is a company that promotes (women in management) and it shows, even in the selection processes. I really appreciate this at McAfee.”

— Andrea, Enterprise Sales, Bogotá, Colombia

“Many women think you have to be technical to be in tech sales and that isn’t true. I came to McAfee understanding sales and relationship management. Since being here, I’ve focused on upping my security and technology knowledge. I’ve found not being too technical allows me to listen more to the customer and focus on the desired business outcome. Often, the engineers can get deep into the technology, but I think it’s important to be the intermediary; I stay in the ‘forest’ not the trees.”

—Ashley, Consumer Sales, Richmond, Virginia

“We need to ensure women have the confidence to apply for the roles within IT. I encourage women to move outside your comfort zone and shrug off stigmas. We are more than entitled to sit at this table.”

—Eadaoin, Inside Sales, Cork, Ireland

“In the corporate world, women face challenges from many different angles. Often, I may be the only woman in a room or on my teams, but my advice would be to remain confident and not to second guess your position or authority. While I may be the only woman many times, I also am often the only woman of color, which makes it even more important we continue to advocate for representation. Diversity comes in all forms and quite frankly is necessary because it brings a unique value to a team. At the start of my career, I learned the importance of demonstrating my skills and that I shouldn’t shy away, hold back or “wait for my turn” which has been advantageous when an opportunity presents itself.”

—Jardin, Inside Sales, Plano, Texas

“Sales has changed considerably in the 20 years I’ve worked in tech.  In an early role, I was told a man would never buy from a woman. I was inspired to prove that wrong. These days the environment is entirely different. McAfee, like many companies, has zero tolerance for such conduct or mindset. The culture is positive, inclusive and one where anyone can succeed. Each of us has a responsibility to show future generations that cybersecurity is a great career option for all.”

—Katie, Enterprise Sales, Cheltenham, England

“I see the two primary challenges for women in tech sales as perception and awareness. There is a traditional view that you must be technical to work in technology. I‘m not naturally technical, and I always assumed you had to have a technical background like coding or programming. And, that is not the case so. You can learn technology if you have all the other skills that make a great salesperson.”

—Krista, Enterprise Sales, Detroit, Michigan

“In terms of numbers, while we’re making progress, I’d love for us to see more women in tech, especially in sales. This is why mentoring, sponsorship and support for women in sales is so important – whether as the customer or the vendor. When you and your customer have things in common like gender, culture and experience it helps to strengthen the relationship and sales process.”

—Kristol, Inside Sales, Plano, Texas

“In my previous experiences, I’ve been one of the only women at the table. I would tell women not to get discouraged by this; it is about finding the right company for you. Find what makes you happy to get up every day to be part of it.”

—Paige, Sales Operations, Plano, Texas

“Historically, I was the only woman in the room, but things have definitely changed! Women may too quickly dismiss technology as a career, but in sales, it’s all about finding a solution for your customer, and women have amazing skillsets to do that.”

—Brenda, Consumer Sales, Vancouver, British Columbia

Learn more about how McAfee women in our sales organization leverage their skillsets for a successful career in our upcoming blog.

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How to Adopt a Work-from-Home Mindset

By: Paige, Change Management Manager, Plano, TX, United States

In the last few months, navigating through the pandemic has yielded changes in every aspect of our daily lives.  Because of COVID-19, many companies have suddenly moved to full remote work. My husband and I received news about this and school closings while our family was on spring break.

As you guessed, we weren’t exactly ready to dive into all the rapid changes—even as seasoned remote workers. Being an active member of McAfee’s Virtual Culture Club (VCC), a group that brings global remote team members together, I made sure to incorporate what I’ve learned from these connections.

Now that I’ve spent significant time managing work and three boys from home, here are my four remote work adoption tips for parents who are also playing educator like me.

Tip No. #1: Schedule Breaks

Before the pandemic, I preferred to work through lunch, so I could attend my children’s soccer and tennis games, volunteer or take over for my husband who manages school pickup, starts the kids on homework and prepares dinner. We had a pretty good routine and it worked well for us.

In our new norm, there is no such thing as a routine anymore. We had to become comfortable with that. In my work schedule, meetings with varied times are constant for me since my role supports business in different places around the globe. At the start of the pandemic, our children transitioned to online classes, which also occur at different times and days each week.

The change in routine and moving schedules took a while to become familiar with. I had to start blocking out time to fit in preparing lunch for the kids, eating meals and making time for a short walk around the neighborhood to get out and feel the sun. Once I started doing that, I felt so much lighter.

Plan breaks away from your computer and make space to get energy out with your family.

Tip No. #2: Allow Your Professional and Personal Life to Collide

Our professional and personal lives occupy the same space now. I believe you can still manage both successfully. Though having a dedicated office space to work is necessary, I encourage you to let your kids pull up a chair to draw, craft or even read a book alongside you. This will help reduce any pressure you may have about balancing your time as a parent. Sometimes, our children just want to be near us.

Recently, McAfee hosted an Online Safety Session series virtually on Facebook, where cybersecurity experts shared knowledge and best practices with parents, teachers and kids to stay safe online. I was able to invite my oldest child to sit next to me, so we could watch it together. It was a win-win—a learning opportunity for her, a way to inspire them with my career space and a chance to spend time together.

When possible, find opportunities to break up your work day with positive family interactions.

Tip No. #3: Sprinkle in a Little Joy

A few months ago, my youngest child, who is a preschooler, started to practice writing on sticky notes and handing them to me while I was working. I’d smile, thank him and put the notes to the side of my laptop. Dissatisfied with my placement, he would quickly put the note on top of my laptop and made sure it stayed on there with extra tape every time I stepped away. Now, every time I close my laptop and see his note, it brings me great joy.

There are many ways to add joy in your day when you work from home:

  • Take a selfie with something that caught your attention on your lunch walks and send it to your team
  • Treat yourself to a food delivery you’re craving with no judgment
  • Play your favorite song loudly between meetings

Make time for the smallest joys that makes you happy every day.

Tip. No. 4: Remember: Change is Hard, Empathy isn’t

As a change manager, I know firsthand that change is hard. Change is expected. And throughout my career experiences, I’ve learned that change is constant. It’s also okay to feel what you are feeling. We need to have grace for one another when there is an occasional interruption from kids or even pets. If you can be a great worker in the office, you can be a great worker at home.

During video conference calls, sometimes my kids enjoy making cameo appearances so they can see my teammates. My teammates, and especially my leader, always reassure me, “Paige, do not worry about it. It’s totally fine.” Now, when we have extra time at the end of a team meeting, we introduce our kids, pets or partners.

Remember, we are all in this together, globally. We are all adjusting.

If you’re looking at new opportunities in a thriving culture that will provide you with balance and flexibility, search McAfee’s current openings.

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Best Practices for Adapting to a Remote Work Lifestyle 

As our world continues to evolve, we have been forced to adapt accordingly. Navigating change can be difficult for many, so here are useful tips McAfee team members have been using to improve productivity, stay healthy and help customers stay digitally secure during the pandemic. 

Productivity Hacks

Applying simple hacks to your routine and environment can help you stay productive. Create a workspace separate from your living space if you can. One tip is to get ready and get dressed as if you were going to the office. You’ll be prepared for that video conference when you feel put together. Recreating the “comforts of office” at home with accessories like a good mouse/keyboard set, external monitor, chair and even an office plant can go a long way. When you’re done for the day, close your laptop to reinforce the separation between work and your personal life. 

While some can seamlessly continue normal workday hours, many need to juggle between being a home school principal and master chef de cuisine before being able to look at emails. Try to find a balanced routine that works for your needs—and don’t be afraid to change it. 

Ways to Focus on Wellbeing and Stay Active at Home

Many athletic and health companies have brought their classes and routines online for free so people can stay active. The exercises range in intensity and function so you can easily find something that works for you. Whether you prefer a heart-racing, 20-minute HIIT cardio workout, or a decompressing 40-minute yoga session (or both, depending on what the day brings!), there are plenty of options for staying active indoors. These exercises can also be a family bonding activity to stay active together. Additionally, meditation apps have started offering free services to help improve mental wellbeing. 

Experimenting in the kitchen may also inspire some creative, healthy cooking. With many restaurants expanding to pickup and delivery models, now is a great time to support local businesses and to try that place you’ve previously set your sights on.

Be sure to stay in touch with your community, friends and family. Check up on others via text, call, or video to see how they’re doing and spend virtual time together. This applies equally to teammates. Encouraging remote lunches and social hours helps everyone stay connected and motivated. 

Tips for Staying Digitally Secure

As you’re spending more time online, and possibly seeing more devices connected to your network, it’s a good idea to re-evaluate your home’s digital privacy and security. For starters, consider strengthening your network and internet passwords. Talk to your kids about cybercrime to make sure they remember to practice digital hygiene as they connect online for classes and socialize with friends. 

As our external environment changes, so too does the digital threat landscape. When in doubt, connect to a VPN to help keep your personal data and financial transactions safe from prying eyes. Consider using a safe browser extension to help identify illegitimate websites, especially when shopping for supplies or staying up to date on the news. Pairing security tools with best practices can help keep you and your family safer online. 

Find Balance by Building in Hobbies

There is no shortage of indoor entertainment options, including video games, online board games and TV shows. Even some museums and zoos have made tours available online. Picking up a new hobby, book or new language could be a great way to keep your mind active. Above all, we encourage you to take care of yourself and your family. 

Building hobbies and leisurely activities into your daily routine can help bring structure to your routine. Here is how our team member, Lily, is finding balance while working to keep you safe online:

“Transitioning to working from home full-time has taught me the need to establish a routine and stick to itto ensure I’m exercising, setting work hours and taking breaks. Trying to establish a routine during the first couple of weeks was a challenge at first, but now I feel more balanced. Another good tip is to always keep healthy snacks and water at your work station!” 

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