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Employees Share Stories Working in Award–Winning Cork Office

“The culture at McAfee is easy going, fun, dynamic and everyone is friendly.”—Deirdre, Project Manager

The McAfee office in Cork was once again named among companies recognized in Ireland’s Great Place to Work awards. Our Cork location has much to offer—from a supportive working environment to career growth opportunities, the opportunities are abundant.

Hear from three McAfee employees, Deirdre, Ranjit and Oliver, as they share their personal stories of working in the Cork, Ireland office.

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Return to Workplace: Ready to Relaunch Your Career

By: Sheetal, Application Developer & Majy, IT Support

McAfee offers a new program that offers professionals who dedicated extended time to their families the chance to reignite their passion for the technology industry and relaunch their careers.

Sometimes, it’s necessary to put your career on hold to raise kids, care for loved ones or serve your country. For many, it can be daunting to reenter the workplace after time away. That’s why McAfee designed its Return to Workplace program.

Launched in India in 2018, the 12-week Return to Work program offers training, support and resources for those who are looking to reenter the technology field and put their careers back on track.

Read Sheetal’s and Majy’s stories about how McAfee’s Return to Workplace program helped them build the skills they needed to reenter the workforce and come back strong.

Sheetal’s Return to Workplace Journey – Application Developer

To pursue my love for technology, I moved to Bangalore to complete my engineering degree in computer science, and I found rewarding work as a Quality Auditor. In 2015, I added another momentous title to my resume—mom. I gave birth to my first child and took my maternity leave; however, family circumstances extended my break.

Returning to Tech

Three years later, I was finally ready to get back to work, and I anxiously began my job hunt. It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be, and I had a few concerns to say the least. Not only did I fear I’d be behind in the fast-paced technology industry, I also feared I wouldn’t find a supportive workplace as a single mom.

All Thanks to McAfee

As a single mother, McAfee allowed me to balance both my career and my family by giving me flexible work hours, technical mentoring, soft skills training, sessions with the HR team and several other resources to sharpen my professional skills. It helped me build my confidence over time, and today, I am working as a part of the application development team, assuring that the business works efficiently as possible.

McAfee has offered not only me, but a number of other wonderful women, a second chance to resume their careers at their own pace, without having to give up time with their families and children.

Majy’s Story – IT Support

Passionate about technology, I pursued my education in engineering at Calicut University and began my career soon after as a software engineer. I loved my career and the people I worked with—it’s what got me out of bed and excited about each day. Eventually, my reasons to start the day shifted when my husband and I were blessed with our first child. I decided it was time to put a hold on my career, to be there for my son and spend quality time at home during those early development years.

Facing Fears About Getting Back to Work

My son was growing up right before my eyes, and as he became more independent, I considered returning to my career. Even though I was eager to get back to work, I feared I wouldn’t find a company that allowed me to manage both a fulfilling career and raising a child at home—or if my skills would still be relevant.


Discovering McAfee Was the Best Thing Ever

McAfee’s Return to Workplace initiative completely blew me away. With the working environment that McAfee offered me, which was flexible and encouraging, I absolutely could not miss this opportunity. McAfee offered me several avenues to learn and brush up on my technical skills. They even provided me with a technical mentor! Having access to my mentor created a safe environment where I could ask my technical queries without feeling the pressure of asking the wrong question. In addition to this, the host of online courses I could leverage was an advantage for me. Ultimately, McAfee provided me with an environment where I could learn and grow without feeling intimidated. This was empowering and gave me the push I needed to successfully complete the program. McAfee was my natural first choice for returning to work and I couldn’t have been happier to accept a full-time position.

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McAfee Employees Strike Their #BalanceForBetter Pose This International Women’s Day

By Karla, Digital Media Specialist

During the month of March, we are thrilled to support International Women’s Day, on March 8, and Women’s History Month. At McAfee, we recognize the importance of an inclusive and diverse culture and as part of this year’s International Women’s Day call to action, we’ve asked team members from across the globe to share how they #BalanceForBetter at McAfee.

Check out some of these great moments and be sure to share your own #BalanceForBetter stories in the comments below!


Silvia – Software Sales Account Representative (Chile)

“I always wanted to work for a company that would support me in my role as a woman, a mother, a professional and an athlete. I found that place. McAfee allows me to be me and encourages me to do what I need to do to #BalanceForBetter.”




Priya – Customer Success Manager (India)

“At McAfee, I feel like I can grow my career and be an independent career-focused woman while still being a doting and caring mother and spouse. McAfee helped create the right balance between my family, future and career. #BalanceForBetter”





Steve – Head of Advanced Threat Research (U.S.)

“I wish I could say we had gender balance in Advanced Threat Research of 50/50 men and women. I wish we could say this at the industry level in general. However, there’s no time better than the present to change this.

What #BalanceForBetter means to me is engaging early by hosting lab days at McAfee or visiting schools. At McAfee, we have a chance to spark interest, demonstrate inclusiveness and promote real change in the gender gap across the IT industry. Without more women in tech, I truly feel like we are missing out on a unique and diverse perspective. As a father of two young girls with the potential to be anything, I know it’s time we change the status quo.”



Gurjeet – Engineering Manager (Canada)

“McAfee is like my second family. We celebrate each other’s achievements, encourage one another to give our best and are wonderful friends who always cheer each other up during difficult times.

Here, I can be my personal best every day at the office while doing all the things I cherish with my real family, like hiking, running, traveling and exploring the beautiful world.”



Paula – Head of Consumer ORD (Brazil)

“The consumer online business is a heavily results-driven organization that demands strong planning and speedy execution, so every minute counts! I #BalanceForBetter by creating clear business objectives that help me to prioritize my tasks and meetings – guaranteeing my weekdays are as productive as possible. This balance ensures that my mornings are spent in the gym and my evenings with family and friends, which ultimately gives me the energy and joy needed to execute my work each day.”



Laura – Marketing Communications Manager (Mexico)

“After working in marketing for more than 20 years in tech, I certainly believe that technology helps you find a balance of work and play – not having to choose between one or the other. I #BalanceForBetter at McAfee to define the best version of myself.”




Charan Jeet – MSSP Solutions Architect (Australia)

“McAfee’s flexible and supportive work culture plays a vital role. It encourages equal opportunity to every individual/employee irrespective of gender or background. It has helped me keep myself actively engaged in the activities I love, helping me #BalanceForBetter.”




Sonia – Talent Acquisition Partner (Argentina)

“We all live in the same world, but each person lives and experiences life through a different lens. Learning how to accept and sympathize with these different points of view is what makes the world a better place. As a recruiter, I enjoy communicating with diverse people to help them reach their full potential in all aspects of their work lives and personal lives. #BalanceForBetter”




Laura – Program Manager (Ireland)

“At McAfee, we are tipping the scales in terms of championing equality in the workplace. From our investment in gender pay parity to living the McAfee values and creating a better workplace where we are encouraged to be our full authentic selves. For me, that’s #BalanceforBetter.”





Andrea – Program Manager (Argentina)

“At McAfee, I #BalanceForBetter by leveraging my skills as a Program Manager to collaborate with teams around the globe. As a working mom at McAfee, I am offered a great work-life balance and I can #BalanceForBetter by devoting time to another one of my passions – playing soccer with my boys! This healthy mix helps me stay happy and well.”




McAfee is an inclusive employer and is proud to support inclusion and diversity. Interested in joining our teams? We’re hiring! Apply now.

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McAfee Honors Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day

On Monday, January 21, McAfee will join millions across the globe to recognize the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

To honor the achievements of Dr. King, our McAfee African-Heritage Community (MAHC) members recently shared memorable lines from King’s iconic “I Have a Dream” speech that he delivered at the Lincoln Memorial on August 28, 1963. The MAHC is an employee-led group that is committed to delivering education, cultural awareness, mentoring programs, community involvement and advancing diversity and inclusion within McAfee’s culture.

Watch the video here:

King shared his important message during the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. To provide you with the full meaning and context of King’s powerful speech, you can read the original speech in its entirety here.

McAfee is an inclusive employer and is proud to support inclusion and diversity. Interested in joining our teams? We’re hiring! Apply now.

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