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ICO Analysis: Joint Ventures

When it comes to unique content, the internet is an ever-expanding medium. It has been estimated that 90% of all online content has been generated in the last two years alone. Although this presents tremendous monetary value, benefactors are limited to a few major players such as Google and Facebook. These powerful platforms act as […]

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ICO Analysis: Solve.Care

The stated mission of Solve.Care is to “Make health care and benefits programs work better for everyone.” Solve.Care aims to improve security and privacy while also improving access and accountability in a manner that current centralized systems cannot accomplish. Solve.Care’s platform intends to vastly improve the administration of benefits and the coordination of care. By […]

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ICO Analysis: Friendz

Friendz connects brands with their community of users to promote “word of mouth” marketing. Unlike a majority of ICOs, the company has already been in business since 2016. They’re using the ICO as an opportunity to incorporate blockchain technology into their platform to automate picture validation and reward distribution (more on this later). The team […]

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ICO Analysis: Skraps

A growing number of statistics is showing that very few people save anything at all for their retirement. In a study conducted by Bankrate, it was discovered that from the age of 30, less than half of all Americans save more than 5% of their annual salary. What’s more, 20% of Americans in the same […]

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VALID is a two-part blockchain ecosystem for you to use to manage and authenticate your digital and potentially sell your personal data. The project is part of Procivis, a digital identity platform that’s been working with governments to create eIDs for their citizens. VALID Wallet According to the whitepaper, the VALID wallet is a mobile […]

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ICO Analysis: Havven

Cryptocurrency market volatility is nothing new to crypto investors. There have been several projects creating asset-backed coins including those secured with diamonds, real estate, and USD to provide investors a sense of stability. Havven looks to add a layer of stability to their project through a dual token system they say will include a crypto […]

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ICO Analysis: Serenity

During the past few decades, internet connectivity and technological advancement evolved rapidly to satisfy a large spectrum of the digital consumer crowd up to and including finance. The demand for online stock exchange, currency trading and investing has led to the development of thousands of online brokerage platforms and systems all over the globe. However, […]

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ICO Analysis: Acorn Collective

Acorn Collective, commonly called just ‘Acorn’, is a crowdfunding platform with the mission to provide “free crowdfunding for any legal project in any county.” Crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and GoFundMe have grown in popularity over the last 10 years but still exclude many projects looking for funding. As centralized entities, they restrict what projects can […]

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ICO Analysis:

According to Research and Markets, “the online recruitment market in the US is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 6.47% during the period of 2016-2020.” As the online recruitment industry continues to grow in size and popularity, online recruiters have developed in-house recruitment CRMs that are heavily reliant on data intelligence. Data helps online […]

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ICO Analysis: Signals

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have witnessed an unprecedented growth in volume over the past one year. Although cryptocurrencies were created for purely transactional or utility purposes ,their rapid price appreciation, growing volume and high volatility has rendered them the status of speculative trading assets. Trading mechanisms like the algorithms found in trading bots are now […]

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ICO Analysis: EximChain

The world of supply chain management is changing rapidly, as new technology and process upgrades continue to drive competition for market share. This has prompted many businesses to re-evaluate their existing processes and performance with an emphasis on boosting efficiency, transparency and customer service. Although processes may be evolving, traceability and transparency remain an integral […]

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ICO Analysis: Bubbletone

Bubbletone Blockchain has generated a lot of buzz in the ICO world. In the age of globalization and heightened cross-border travel, the promise of global telecom without intermediaries is quickly gaining traction. Imagine traveling anywhere in the world and being able to use your mobile device seamlessly without changing your SIM card or paying huge […]

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ICO Analysis: Ethearnal

There is a profound shift underway in the labor market: many people are disavowing traditional 9-5 employment in favor of the ever-growing ‘gig economy’ – a phrase that describes the bustling world of freelancing and short-term contracts. Although the transition partly reflects the breakdown of stable employment opportunities, it also taps into an even bigger […]

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ICO Analysis: AdHive

Digital advertising is the fastest growing segment of the advertising industry, and now has the highest market share in terms of ad spending beating TV in 2017. Despite losing billions of dollars in revenue to challenges like ad blocking or insignificant banner ads, the digital ad industry is still multiplying due to new growth avenues. […]

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ICO Analysis: FCFL

According to Newzoo, the global leader in eSports, games, and mobile intelligence, the eSports economy was worth $696 million in 2017, a dramatic increase from $71.5 million in 2013. Growing demand for online streaming media platforms, particularly Amazon’s, has become central to the expansion and promotion of eSports competitions, and their prize pools respectively. Newzoo estimates a […]

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ICO Analysis : A2B TAXI

People generally prefer the convenience of taxis over other public transportation methods various reasons. Unlike public transportation that has a predestined operational path, moving speed and multiple users at the same time, taxis give you the options of privacy, dedicated service and the convenience of arriving right at your doorstop. The global taxi market is […]

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ICO Analysis: DataWallet

I love the way The Economist describes the data economy: “Data are to this century what oil was to the last one: a driver of growth and change. Flows of data have created new infrastructure, new businesses, new monopolies, new politics and—crucially—new economics. Digital information is unlike any previous resource; it is extracted, refined, valued, […]

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ICO Analysis: Play2Live

The gaming industry crossed the $100 billion revenue mark in 2017, becoming one of the fastest growing industries globally. To give you a perspective on things, games generated nine times more revenue than Hollywood in 2016. The gaming industry has also attracted the widespread attention of the blockchain community, with roughly 30 blockchain-based gaming projects […]

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ICO Analysis: Feast Coin

Feast Coin is a decentralized currency and app you can use to order from your favorite take-out and/or delivery restaurant. With Feast Coin you can pay using cryptocurrency without having to go through the arduous process of converting to fiat. Differing from the majority of other ICOs, Feast Coin is built on the Waves platform. Waves […]

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ICO Analysis: DADI

DADI (Decentralized Architecture for a Democratic Internet) is a platform for decentralized cloud and web-based services. The platform uses a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) and fog computing to bring you these services in a cheaper, more secure fashion. The project is attempting to remove the power of the behemoths (Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google […]

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ICO Analysis: ArcBlock

Blockchain technology is still in its infancy. There are many issues preventing developers and businesses from creating widespread, decentralized blockchain applications. Performance is one of the main challenges facing current blockchain solutions. The blockchain that bitcoin uses is designed to handle seven transactions per second, and Ethereum can only handle a few more. As of […]

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