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CMD+CTRL Mid-Year Review

If anything that the past few months have brought to light, it’s that community is invaluable. It provides strength, growth, and opportunities that may not arise otherwise, while also occasionally providing an unexpected framework and support for growth. These attributes recently shone brightly in our Hot Dogs and Hacking event, where many skilled cybersecurity professionals productively guided and managed our growing Cyber Range community.

Wrapping up Hot Dogs and Hacking 2020

When we ran Hot Dogs and Hacking 2019, the number of people who participated surprised us in the best ways possible. Just take a look at last year’s wrap up where we applauded the 6 perfect scorers and acknowledge everyone who solved 17 or more challenges. 

A lot can change in a year, and they certainly have with our Cyber Range events. We’ve seen a self-fueled community quickly form and help spread cybersecurity education worldwide. This community spirit led to 2020 Hot Dogs and Hacking numbers that leave our team awestruck: