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Profiles of Student Hackers

The cybersecurity skills shortage is no secret. With upwards of 3 million unfilled roles it can be easy to recommend new students and mid-career professionals jump into the world of cybersecurity. Unfortunately, there are many barriers to entry that are difficult to overcome - a desire for experienced employees, the need for varied technical skill sets, and limited formal education or training programs available. Seemingly every organization wants a team of rockstars, but few want to provide the instruments, training, or time to build the band.

Get Hungry for Hot Dogs & Hacking

Over the last three months, the Security Innovation team has seen a huge appetite among conferences and local security groups to shift their communities online. So much so that during that time, our team has averaged an event every three days! Ranging from Boston to Bangalore, our Shadow Bank Cyber Range has given dozens of communities and thousands of players a place to virtually congregate, learn, have fun, and keep chapters thriving!

At the end of each of these events, one common question consistently stands out - where can we learn more?

Our team loves this enthusiasm and released our community site earlier this year for players to learn, hack, and grow their skill sets. To further help participants, we're excited to open up our Shred Cyber Range for this year's Hot Dogs & Hacking event. It's been exactly one year since we rolled Shred out to a public audience, so we hope everyone has fun with it!

The team has also pulled together some resources to get new learners ramped up and hacking quickly. Take a look and let us know what you think.

March Hackness 2020 Post Game Report

There’s no better way to put it - March Hackness 2020 was a slam dunk! The CMD+CTRL Cyber Range community shattered records of our previous quarterly events including most participants, most points scored, fastest time to solve all challenges (under 2 hours!) and many more. Many thanks to everyone that participated for choosing to spend three days with us!

More importantly, with the outstanding turnout we have lots of stats to share. Our favorites include this being the first million point event, our profiled hacker (ElleF) showing her All-Star skills and the mid-event launch of our free community site! Now on with the event wrap up:

The Power of Community – PancakesCon 2020: Quarantine Edition

Like many industries, the cybersecurity community is full of smart, dedicated, and curious people that deliver surprising results in unusual times. When presented with unique circumstances and limitations, these minds start finding creative and innovative ways to not only maintain the norm, but often to advance it. There is no more recent and shining example of this than PancakesCon 2020: Quarantine Edition.

Profile of a Developer Turned Hacker

The struggle to find experienced Cybersecurity professionals is familiar to anyone who has tried to fill a team. With connected technology expanding at a rate far greater than can reasonably be secured, experienced professionals seemingly have swaths of opportunities from which to choose.  Fortunately, many Cybersecurity organizations understand that identifying and training less experienced talent is a viable path to addressing a variety of hiring challenges they experience.

Start Stretching for March Hackness

As the days get warmer, the sun sets later, and birds chirp louder, the Security Innovation team has one more right of spring to get excited about - March Hackness!

This year’s event is going to focus on one of the essential factors for rapidly growing cybersecurity skillsets - new users. To encourage the curiosity that helps build skills, our team will roll out even more resources than in the past to help ethical hackers of the future ramp up more quickly: