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Mozilla and Google Browsers Get Security, Anti-Tracking Boosts

Both FireFox and Chrome have received updates to better guard users against privacy and security threats, such as tracking by Facebook.

Data Security in the Cloud: How to Lock Down the Next-Gen Perimeter

Enjoy the video replay of the recent Threatpost cloud security webinar, featuring a panel of experts offering best practices and ideas for managing data in a cloudified world.

Highlights from the Verizon DBIR 2019

Every year, the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report comes out, and there’s a mad scramble to inspect and interpret the data. The report is data-rich, as always, and already contains a bunch of analysis, so there are really only a few options for adding value to the conversation. Industry commentators can choose to disagree with […]… Read More

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The Myth of “Staying One Step Ahead of the Hackers”


The assumption that software security can stay ahead of the hackers is not true because the software security industry is always reacting to threats that hackers expose. Once hackers start exploiting a flaw in an application, security companies try to block the resulting threat by providing security updates for existing software or by developing new programs. Either way, hackers will be one step ahead because the software security industry can’t predict what new threats the hackers will unleash.

How to reduce the consequences of Data Breach

The storing and processing of data sets that contain personally identifiable information (PII) is increasingly regulated and is subject to onerous notification requirements when data breaches occur. Such data includes health information, financial data and legal records. When your business stores or processes this information and when it can be linked to a particular person, you are automatically subject to the applicable regulations.

Data Breaches: The Encryption Challenges

This article is the third in a series that discusses data breach threats and possible solutions. The first two articles, “What You Need to Know,” and “Threats and Consequences,” make it clear that businesses need to take action to reduce data breach risks. The current article presents encryption as a possible solution but details what type of encryption is needed to effectively address data breach issues.