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Profile of a Hacker: BiaSciLabs

Over the last twelve months our team has ramped up the number of public CMD+CTRL Cyber Range events we deliver at conferences, OWASP meetings, and Meetups. The feedback we have received has been great - people love learning how to hack in simulated, free form environments. In some cases the feedback we receive is so good that we need to share it with others in the form of profiles like Brandon Evans and Andre Gott.

Expanding Our Cyber Range Portfolio

The Security Innovation CMD+CTRL Cyber Range team has been busy! With the growing acceptance of simulated and gamified environments to better train a variety of skills, our team is delivering more events for our customers and security community than ever. We’re also receiving a ton of great ideas on new ranges to build, different technologies to focus on, different and ways to educate those new to security, while still challenging those that have decades of experience.

Cyber Ranges: Extending the Skills of Tool Experts

Working with rapidly growing products like our CMD+CTRL Cyber Range is fun for a variety of reasons, particularly because seeing people smile while learning is a rare occurrence. For much of the Security Innovation team though, the best experience is growing a technology from an interesting idea to a rapidly maturing product. Even better, the journey allows for many “Aha!” moments in the form of feedback and ideas from our customers.