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The iKeyp Pro Review

Relatively new on the market, the iKeyp is a smart safe for everyday use. It is simple to install and easy to connect with via the app on your smartphone.

BYU Introduces SafeWalk Feature to App

The new university app feature, called Safewalk, expands on an already existent BYU program to enable police to track students’ locations through their smartphones and virtually “walk” with students through campus and the student housing areas.

Ante Up

Like many gaming venues, the lighting scheme at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Tulsa, Okla., focuses on creating an atmosphere of fun and excitement.

Luxury in Your Apartment

Commerce Tower on Main, in Kansas City, Mo., is redefining downtown apartment living by creating an energy-efficient, vertical neighborhood with luxury apartments, exclusive amenities and a connected lifestyle.

A Balancing Act

Energy security, access to the electrical grid and police and fire safety are just a handful of the networked services that we take for granted and rely upon on a daily basis.

Locking the Cabinet

Providing independent consulting, best-inclass products, hosting solutions and financial services to more than 1,000 U.S.- and Canada-based companies, Forsythe is one of the largest independent IT integrators in North America.

Transforming Security

Empresa Eléctrica de Guatemala (EEGSA Group) required a video surveillance system that could digitize the security footage on its substations to help avoid damage to its own infrastructure as well as electrocution hazards for people trying to access these places without warning or authorization.

Shifting Focus

Organizations are changing how they look at security as users employ mobile devices for everything from opening doors to accessing information and services.

The Right Fit

Standalone systems, where certain access points are equipped with card readers but are not connected to a larger network, can provide a cost-effective access control solution.

Know Your Enemy

Like it or not, every time you spend time on the keyboard, there may be someone watching your every keystroke. It wouldn’t hurt if you knew your enemy; and it certainly would be beneficial if you knew who was on your side.

Metro Security

It has been a long time coming, but the Bexar County Metro 911 Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is up and running, and the security systems implemented to protect the facility are among the best of the best. The regional operations center unifies emergency operations into one cutting-edge facility.

Housekeepers to Ask Las Vegas Hotels for Panic Buttons

Negotiations begin next month, and union leaders will also bring a request for panic buttons on behalf of the more than 14,000 housekeepers working on the Strip and in Vegas' downtown area. The goal of the wireless devices, which alert managers if workers are attacked, is to prevent sexual assault.

NFPA to Fast-Track New Standard for Active Shooter Response

The rise in active shooter incidents and the escalating impact of hostile events has prompted the National Fire Protection Association to process NFPA 3000, Standard for Preparedness and Response to Active Shooter and/or Hostile Events, as a provisional standard, which means it would be available for use as early as April 2018.