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NYPD Demands Waze Stop Letting Users Log Police Checkpoints

"Individuals who post the locations of DWI checkpoints may be engaging in criminal conduct since such actions could be intentional attempts to prevent and/or impair the administration of the DWI laws and other relevant criminal and traffic laws,” wrote NYPD acting Deputy Commissioner Ann Prunty in a Feb. 2 letter to Google.

Hanwha Enhances Safety and Security for The Villages Retirement Community

The Villages investigated its options for a higher-quality system in an effort to rectify what was an unnecessarily complex situation and improve the quality and management of the video surveillance systems. After evaluating solutions from a number of manufacturers, Ritch and his team chose cameras from Hanwha Techwin America for deployment throughout the property.

Church Should Be Off Limits

While attending religious services during the holiday season, a local congregant asked me if I had heard about the ISIS threat to local houses of worship in East Texas. I was not aware, but I started digging.

Advancing on Two Fronts

The way that smart cards are issued has changed dramatically in the last several years with the advent of cloud-based systems that enable the entire process to be managed and executed remotely, and with printer/encoder breakthroughs that significantly boost throughput, reliability and energy efficiency.

Defending Against Attack

When Paramount Studios, the longest operating and only remaining studio in Hollywood, wanted a preventative solution that would protect tourists and talent from car attacks, they contacted Perimeter Security Group, an integrator that has become one of the leading providers of perimeter security systems in the country.

Adding Sound and Safety

At JFK Airport, immigration officers process hundreds of international passengers per flight. With the continual influx of people combined with limited staffing, law enforcement personnel are increasingly looking for technologies to enhance their efforts to deter illegal entry or trafficking and aid in crime investigation.

A Slam Dunk

With all this plus four lobbies and multiple entry points, security at American Airlines Center is a 24/7 responsibility. Finding the right camera system for such a diverse environment presented a challenge.

Crimes on Campus

College and university campuses aren’t immune from the same types of crime, such as burglary and assault, found in any small city where thousands of people live and work closely together. Yet overall, campuses remain a mostly safe place for young adults to learn and mature.

More Than a Set of Eyes

The technology behind today’s optical sensors and lenses has come a long way in trying to mimic some of the hallmark characteristics of the human visual system.

Cabling our Government

The government commands a lot of information in data centers, local municipalities, homeland security, health, and every touch that governments have with private citizens and companies. The data can be classified, private and public-facing as in forms.

Securing Transportation

In today’s connected world, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) play vital roles managing our Nation’s critical infrastructure including roadways, interstates, intersections, ports, mass transit lines, city traffic, and urban mobility.

New Power and Transmission Solutions from Altronix

Altronix is showcasing the latest power and data transmission solutions designed for professional security applications at Intersec 2019. Featured products include an enhanced line of NetWay™ Midspan/Injectors, NetWay™ Spectrum Hardened Switches and its expanded Trove™ Access and Power Integration products available in wall mount, rackmount and outdoor configurations.