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Tighten that Belt!!

Hi Everyone, Over the last four years, the European Central Bank has managed to inject €2.6 trillion into the banking system in order to maintain economic stability. To be clear, these cash injections have been one of the only things propping up the economy, and even the Governor of the ECB has now admitted that. Now, €2.6 […]

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The Future of Crypto

Hi Everyone, When the crypto bull market was still in session, the next big thing for Wall Street was set to be Ethereum futures. Now it seems they’re back on the menu. Futures contracts were originally invented so that farmers and merchants could hedge costs before engaging in a specific venture. For example, imagine you […]

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Breaking the Silence

Hi Everyone, You know the thing I love most about Ethereum upgrades?… They’re silent. The last Ethereum major upgrade, known as Byzantium, went live in October of 2017 and barely any end users even noticed. Even though Byzantium was implemented using a hard fork, no new Ethereum coins were created. For a better understanding, see this […]

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Escaped Goat

Hi Everyone, As bitcoin reaches a new low point for 2018, cryptotraders everywhere are looking for somebody or something to blame. Well, a recent report that was sent to me by the folks at Cryptocompare may have stumbled upon something. The CCCAGG Exchange Review takes a good hard look at global volumes on crypto exchanges and where they’re coming […]

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Hi Everyone, Another day, another little tidbit pointing to the adoption of the crypto asset class by major institutional players. We already know that Nasdaq and Fidelity are planning on offering crypto products to their clients in the near future. So now it seems they’re pooling together to buy out, a regulated online exchange platform. […]

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Ray of Light

Hi Everyone, At long last, there’s been a breakthrough in international trade talks between the USA and China. Leaders of both countries are claiming this 90 day “cease fire” as a win for their respective administrations. The stock markets are going wild! In the meantime in Paris, we can see shocking images rolling in from […]

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No Such Thing as Poor Publicity

Hi Everyone, Certainly, it would be better for the use case of cryptocurrencies if they remained more stable, or to see a slow but steady increase in prices. But let’s be straight, would bitcoin be as popular as it is today if not for the wild volatility? The outrageous bull run of 2017 has been […]

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Renewed Optimism or Just a Bounce?

Hi Everyone, If there were any questions lingering, it’s now clear that institutional investors are definitely moving forward with crypto investments. After all, why not? The new crypto ETP that was launched last week in Switzerland has quickly become one of the most popular products on the primary Swiss stock exchange. Volumes on the Amun […]

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Fight the FUD

Ahhh… Black Friday. For those of you who are not familiar with this unique American Holiday, this is the kick off to the Christmas shopping season and the tradition is for large retailers to give ridiculous discounts on a limited supply of items and watch their customers battle (sometimes to the death) for the last […]

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Keeping it Warm

Hi Everyone, As we head into the winter months, people’s minds naturally turn to the age-old question, how are we going to stay warm? The price of natural gas is currently skyrocketing in anticipation, but the crypto community is not standing still and is looking at more innovative solutions. The below device, which was sent […]

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What You Want

Hi Everyone, For anybody who may be considering the position that the current drama in bitcoin cash reflects poorly on the crypto industry, please know that this entire story was in fact predicted by Satoshi Nakamoto more than 8 years ago. In fact, this bitcoin cash project serves as a prime example of how strong […]

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