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Market from Nothing

Hi Everyone, Roses are red violets are blue, Bitcoin’s not dead, altcoins are new. Transference of value from one to another, no bank taking fees, no government can smother. Crypto volumes reached $36 billion today, This market has come a long long way. Happy Valentine’s Day! @MatiGreenspan eToro, Senior Market Analyst Today’s Highlights Days to […]

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Asymmetric Risk

Ladies and Gentlemen, History has been made today as the US National Debt has crossed the landmark level of $22 trillion. That looks like this: $22,000,000,000,000. This may seem like a distant number and it’s certainly easy for us to get detached but let me remind you that just about every pension and investment fund in the world […]

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Smart Portfolio Dumb Portfolio

Hi Everyone, So, when I wrote in yesterday’s market update that a bitcoin ETF could happen tomorrow, I didn’t mean it literally. Yet, it seems that an asset manager in California may have just found a way to squeeze one past the US authorities. The new proposal from Reality Shares is a bit different from the previously […]

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The Camel’s Back is Broken

Hi Everyone, Outrage gripped the United States yesterday as the 4th largest US bank went down for several hours. Information about the events is scarce at the moment and aside from this CNBC article that covers the tweets from @Ask_WellsFargo there’s virtually no mainstream coverage of the event as official spokespeople from the bank are keeping a tight […]

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Good Luck!!

Hi Everyone, For all our clients, colleagues and partners in China and the entire region, we would like to wish you a very happy new year!! This is a very special year in the Chinese Calendar, the year of the Golden Pig. Unlike Islam and Judaism, in Chinese culture, the pig is a very prominent […]

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Sign of Good Things to Come

Hi Everyone, Perhaps the oldest and most used decentralized network in existence today is the file-sharing platform BitTorrent. After the US Government with the help of Metallica’s drummer shut down Napster in March 2001, the idea of file sharing quickly evolved to a more resilient peer to peer model. Today it’s estimated that more than […]

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Really Really Busy Week Ahead

Hi Everyone, The United States government is officially re-open for business. In an astonishing turn of events on Friday, 35 days into the shutdown, President Trump announced his decision to open the government for three weeks. Most surprisingly was that the plan did not include any arrangements for a southern border wall. The air in the markets is […]

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Power Move

Hi Everyone, Sometimes things don’t go according to plan but those who are flexible know how to take advantage of any situation. The US Government shutdown has affected many things, and the latest casualty seems to be the VanECK bitcoin ETF, which was up for review by the SEC. The deadline for a decision was […]

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Crypto Intervention

Hi Everyone, The action of intervention is often has negative connotations, but sometimes intervention can save lives, as any surgeon will probably tell you. The Bank of International Settlements (BIS) has put out a new research paper that explores the economics of an intervention into bitcoin’s blockchain. To be clear, the BIS is the bank of central banks […]

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10 Year Challenge (Market Edition)

Hi Everyone, Today kicks off the annual forum in Davos. This lavish gathering in the snowy mountains of Switzerland brings together the world’s most wealthy and famous, to try and tackle the problem of inequality. Ten years ago, in the throes of the financial crisis, the theme for the Davos convention was “what must industry […]

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