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Infosecurity.US: Cybersecurity Vendor Extortion

via Kate Fazzini, writing at CNBC, comes a tale** of sweaty desperation, criminal extortion and the appalling dearth of morality in the so-called 'Cybersecurity Marketplace**'. Detailing what she describes as 'aggressive tactics' - in reality, simple, single-source extortion - as exhibited by 'cybersecurity vendor salespeople - and their ilk. Today's Must Read.

"The cybersecurity vendor marketplace is growing so crowded that some companies have been resorting to extreme tactics to get security executives on the phone to pitch their products, including lying about security emergencies and threatening to expose insignificant breaches to the media." - via Kate Fazzini, writing at CNBC


Infosecurity.US: FCC To Auction Wireless Spectrum That Will Interfere With Weather Data Collection

What band of idiots would do this damage to the data pooling of meteorological data, just to make a buck? Ajit Varadaraj Pai, that's who... The first (that I can recall) Federal Communications Commission Chairman that's for sale to the highest bidder.