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Google’s working on stopping sites from blocking Incognito mode

Google Chrome's Incognito mode hasn't been an impenetrable privacy shield: For years, it's been a snap for web developers to detect when Chrome users are browsing in private mode and to block site visitors who use it. Now it looks like Google plans to close that loophole.

Naked Security – Sophos: 14k HIV+ records leaked, Singapore says sorry

Singapore's Ministry of Health said the HIV status of 14,200 people, plus confidential data of 2,400 of their contacts, is in the possession of somebody who's not authorized to have it and who's published it online.

Naked Security - Sophos

Two charged with hacking company filings out of SEC’s EDGAR system

They're charged with phishing and inflicting malware to get into the EDGAR filing system, stealing thousands of filings, and selling access.