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IDG Contributor Network: Why enhanced authentication methods should play a bigger role in your security plan

Compromised credentials give the bad guys access to your data. Attackers use a legitimate username and password to initially obtain access and then escalate privileges in order to access increasingly valuable data. Relying on old-school authentication methods gives the bad guys a helping hand.

There seems to be no end to the news of large-scale data breaches. And, while the majority of these incidents highlight the loss of customer data, there is also a risk to both internal corporate data and employee data. Employee data loss doesn’t just impact the employee; it can also cause measurable harm to the employer. In 2017, UK-based Morrisons Supermarkets was found liable by a court after a former senior auditor for the retailer posted the payroll data of nearly 100,000 staff online. Thousands of the staff will now be allowed to lodge compensation claims. There’s no shortage to the data that needs protecting.

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IDG Contributor Network: How to ensure that giving notice doesn’t mean losing data

Most IT teams invest resources to ensure data security when onboarding new employees. You probably have a checklist that covers network access and permissions, access to data repositories, security policy acknowledgement, and maybe even security awareness education. But how robust is your offboarding security checklist? If you’re just collecting a badge and disabling network and email access on the employee’s last day, you’re not doing enough to protect your data.

Glassdoor reported recently that 35% of hiring decision makers expect more employees to quit in 2018 compared to last year. Whether through malicious intent or negligence, when insiders leave, there’s a risk of data leaving with them. To ensure data security, you need to develop and implement a robust offboarding process.

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