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IDG Contributor Network: How citizen ownership of data impacts business going forward

What a wild last few weeks it has been for the state of California. The California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA) is California’s response to the privacy standard set by the GDPR. It should have been expected from the state home to the major players in tech.

California has essentially defied expectations, including my own, and made their position on data ownership clear. Citizens own their own data. For Europe this was implied by past policy and innovations coming out of the region, but for the US this was unheard of. Senator Richard Blumenthal had stated during the Cambridge Analytica hearing that “Americans deserve no less privacy than Europeans…”

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IDG Contributor Network: How to ensure that giving notice doesn’t mean losing data

Most IT teams invest resources to ensure data security when onboarding new employees. You probably have a checklist that covers network access and permissions, access to data repositories, security policy acknowledgement, and maybe even security awareness education. But how robust is your offboarding security checklist? If you’re just collecting a badge and disabling network and email access on the employee’s last day, you’re not doing enough to protect your data.

Glassdoor reported recently that 35% of hiring decision makers expect more employees to quit in 2018 compared to last year. Whether through malicious intent or negligence, when insiders leave, there’s a risk of data leaving with them. To ensure data security, you need to develop and implement a robust offboarding process.

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