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IDG Contributor Network: Our digital data is more valuable than our non-digital data. So why do we care less?

If you were asked what your most prized assets are today what would your answer be? Family and pets aside, it could be your Beamer, the $5,000-dollar coffee machine or your house? What if you are wrong? Not that these are not prized items, but the value that they command is nothing compared to something that you and I are in possession of (sort of) that is infinitely more valuable, and it is getting even more valuable over time. That is - our digital data!

Yes, it's the location searches you are doing, the orphaned Amazon cart where you left 3 items without checking out (and the AI algorithm is going crazy enticing you to buy those items by dropping the price just for you!) and your kids' Alexa questions that drive you batty. While the Beamer, the coffee machine, and the house are tangible and physical assets that you can see every day and continue to be top of mind, our fleeting digital interactions are not.

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