Daily Archives: December 5, 2019

Has WhatsApp become a potential career assassin? | Afua Hirsch

The app helped connect me to an inspiring sisterhood. But the case of police officer Robyn Williams shows unopened messages can be a legal minefield

We need to talk about WhatsApp. When the little green speech bubble first showed up in my life, I greeted it with awe and wonder. I even wrote a little love letter to its ability to connect with a virtual black sisterhood – the kind that rarely exists in our too-undiverse workplaces in real life – in my first book. It became the perfect platform to share experiences, frustrations, strategies and ideas.

WhatsApp group communities proliferated on my phone – they were education, community and activism all in one place. It was great.

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Be Alert this Holiday Season: Payment Security Tips for Businesses

On this blog we explore the challenges around security of payment data during the hectic holiday season and provide tips and best practices to help restaurants better secure their payment data.  The following is a Q & A with Troy Leach, Senior Vice President of the PCI Security Standards Council and Laura Chadwick, Program Director, Technology & Innovation of the National Restaurant Association about the importance of cybersecurity this holiday season.