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Cyber News Rundown: Radiohead Hit by Ransomware Hack

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Radiohead Refuses Ransom, Releases Stolen Tracks

The band Radiohead recently fell victim to a hack in which 18 hours of previously unreleased sessions were ransomed for $150,000. Rather than pay the ludicrous fee, the band instead opted to release the tracks through Bandcamp for a donation to charity. The unreleased sessions were stored as archived mini discs the band created during the years surrounding their third album, “OK Computer.”

US Border Protection Breached by Contractor

A subcontractor for the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency is under scrutiny after it was revealed that they had illicitly transferred thousands of images of both license plates and travelers that had crossed the US/Mexico border in the last month. In doing so, the subcontractor broke several mandatory security policies written into a legal contract. While there is no sign of the images leaking onto the dark web, there is very little redress for the exposed travelers without proving actual harm.

Billions of Spam Emails Sent Everyday

The latest industry report on spam emails revealed that around 3.4 billion fake/spam emails are distributed across the globe each day. More worrisome is that the majority of these emails originate in the US and regularly target US-based industries. While many industries have improved security measures, larger enterprises have struggled to implement strong protection for their entire staff.

Ransomware Hits Washington Food Bank

The Auburn Food Bank in the State of Washington recently fell victim to a ransomware attack that encrypted all but one of their computers, which was isolated from the internal network. Instead of paying the ransom, the nonprofit chose to wipe all computers, including their email server, and begin rebuilding from scratch. The ransomware variant has been claimed to be GlobeImposter 2.0, which requires the victim to contact the attacker to determine the ransom demanded.

Retro Game Site Breached

The account information was leaked for over 1 million users of EmuParadise, a retro gaming site that hosts all things gaming related. The breach, which took place in April of 2018, affected 1.1 million IP and email addresses, many of which were found in previous data breaches. It is still unclear how the breach actually took place, though given the use of salted MD5 hashes for storing user data it’s clear EmuParadise could have done more to properly secure their users information.

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Weekly Update 143

Weekly Update 143

Well this was a big one. The simple stuff first - I'm back in Norway running workshops and getting ready for my absolute favourite event of the year, NDC Oslo. I'm also talking about Scott's Hack Yourself First UK Tour where he'll be hitting up Manchester, London and Glasgow with public workshops. Tickets are still available at those and it'll be your last chance for a long time to do that event in the UK.

Then there's Project Svalbard. I think it'll come across in the video below, but putting a project I've poured my heart and soul into over the last 5 and half year up for sale is a massive thing for me. There are so many emotions involved at so many levels and I really wanted to try and get that across in a more personable form than what written word lends itself to. I hope I've done that, and I hope you enjoy listening to the back story of Project Svalbard. Here it is:

Weekly Update 143
Weekly Update 143
Weekly Update 143


  1. Scott's public Hack Yourself First UK Tour is coming up (Manchester, London and Glasgow - get on it!)
  2. Project Svalbard (the big one - this is a long weekly update mostly about my decision to move HIBP into another organisation)
  3. Twilio is sponsoring my blog this week (learn what regulations like PSD2 mean for your business, and how Twilio can help you achieve secure, compliant transactions)