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Protect Your Privacy Spring Cleaning

I’ll be honest, my blog idea was generated from an article about spring cleaning.  Let’s face it, lots of things could benefit from spring cleaning:  homes, cars, desk drawers… How about your inbox?  Maybe the ever-growing number of presentation drafts in your documents folder?  How about the flash drive in your desk drawer?  Anything in […]

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Parenting club Bounty fined £400,000 for selling users’ data

Company illegally shared 34.4m records with 39 companies, information commissioner finds

The parenting club Bounty has been fined £400,000 – one of the largest penalties possible – for sharing its data with marketing agencies without users’ permission.

Bounty offers support and advice to new parents who sign up through its website and mobile app, or are directly recruited on maternity wards. Without securing consent from those parents, the company sold their information to data brokers including Acxiom, Equifax and Sky, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) said.

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PCI Standards in 2019: Q&A with CTO Troy Leach

What do stakeholders need to know about PCI Security Standards in 2019? PCI SSC Chief Technology Officer Troy Leach provides an update on what to expect for changes to existing standards and a look at those in development this year.  

[INFOGRAPHIC] Why choose Seqrite MobiSMART?

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With the lines increasingly blurring between personal and official work, enterprises are in urgent need of cybersecurity solutions which can secure such kind of communication. Seqrite’s MobiSmart offers one such solution for employees accessing mobile productivity apps on BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices) or CYOD (Choose Your Own Devices). Here’s an infographic illustrating why MobiSmart is a smart choice for your enterprise.

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Weekly Update 134

Weekly Update 134

That's the second update in a row I've done on time! It's also another one with a bunch of other things in common with last week, namely commentary on yet more data breaches. It's not just the breaches in HIBP, but the ones I'm busily trying to disclose. This is really sucking a lot of time right now and frankly, well, I summed it up here earlier in the week:

But it's the right thing to do and I'm going to keep at it, even if it means loading data without the organisations involved responding (it certainly won't be the first time). I also go on a bit of a rant about devices and services targeted at monitoring kids and as I say in the video, you'll see precisely why this is such a big issue for me probably next week or the week after. Stay tuned for that one and for now, here's this week's vid:

Weekly Update 134
Weekly Update 134
Weekly Update 134


  1. I've got 3 different NDC events with workshops coming up over the next month:
    1. Gold Coast
    2. Minnesota
    3. New York
  2. Knuddles got themselves a €20k fine for their breach (which is now in HIBP)
  3. I ranted on about how crazy the security and privacy implications are for  whole bunch of products and services targeted at monitoring kids (do read - and please share - that thread, here's a Facebook version of it too)
  4. Varonis is sponsoring my blog again this week and they have an excellent free course on insider threats (ok, I may be a little biased on that...)