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What. A. Week. Heaps of data breaches, heaps of law enforcement and gov stuff and somehow, I still found time to put even more IP addresses into the house courtesy of even more IoT. I’m not sure if the latter gives me a break from the more professional tech stuff

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Earlier this year, the FBI in partnership with the Dutch National High Technical Crimes Unit (NHTCU), German Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) and other international law enforcement agencies brought down what Europol rereferred to as the world’s most dangerous malware: Emotet. This strain of malware dates back as far as

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Lots of bit and pieces this week, most of which is self-explanatory based on the references below. One thing to add though is the outcome of the ClearVoice Surveys breach I live-tweeted during the stream: someone from there did indeed get in touch with me. We spoke on the phone,

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Geez I’m glad the Facebook stuff was the week before this one! With that (mostly) out of the way, we headed off to Thredbo for a couple of days of mountain biking, hitting trails I’ve only ever snowboarded down before (yes, we get snow in Australia). Back to normality (I

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“What a shit week”. I stand by that statement in the opening couple of minutes of the video and I write this now at midday on Saturday after literally falling asleep on the couch. The Facebook incident just dominated; everything from processing data to writing code to dozens of media

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As soon as I started watching this video back, I remembered why I don’t do daylight mode in these any more. It’s just so… boring. That said, I’ve got a bunch of stuff in the pipeline to enhance the room design and lighting as I think there’s still plenty of

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If you’ve landed on this page because you saw a strange message on a completely different website then followed a link to here, drop a note to the site owner and let them know what happened. If, on the other hand, you’re on this page because you’re interested in reading

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This 🤬🤬🤬 DAC! I mean it’s a lovely device, but it’s just impossible to use it as an audio source in the browser without it killing the camera. I’m very close to being out of ideas right now, only remaining thing I can think of is to set everything up on

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A slow start this week as the camera refused to be recognised by any browser. The problem, of course, was that I’d plugged in a new DAC for the replacement speakers 🤷‍♂️ Despite the slow start, there’s a heap in this week’s update on all sorts of different things as I

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I honestly don’t know where my time goes. I get up, have great plans for all the things I want to do then next minute, the day is gone. There’s probably some hints in the range of different things I’m speaking about this week and the book is certainly now

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I seem to have spread myself across a whole heap of different things this week which is fine (it’s all stuff I love doing), but it has made for rather a “varied” video. I’m talking (somewhat vaguely) about the book I’m working on, how Facebook has nuked all news in

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This week has seen a lot of my time go on an all-new project. One I’m really excited about and is completely different to everything I’ve done before; I expect I’ll be able to talk about that in the coming weeks and it shouldn’t be too much longer before it’s

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This week’s update comes to you amongst the noisy backdrop of the garden being literally chopped up by high pressure hose (which I think my beautiful Rhode Broadcaster mic successfully excluded). As I say in the intro, it appears the horticulture industry is a little like the software one where

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Well, it kinda feels like we’re back to the new normal that is 2021. I’m home, the kids are back at school and we’re all still getting breached. We’re breached so much that even when we’re not breached but someone says we’re breached, it genuinely looks like we’re breached. Ok,

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A little bit of a change of pace this week with the video being solely on the events unfolding around removing content, people and even entire platforms from the internet. These are significant events in history, regardless of your political persuasion, and they’re likely to have a very long-lasting impact

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And we’re finally home. After 8,441km of driving finished off by a comfy flight home whilst the car catches a ride on a carrier, we’re done. I talk about why we didn’t finish the drive in the latter part of this week’s video (basically boiled down to border uncertainties

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It’s a new year! With lots of breaches to discuss already ☹ Ok, so these may not be 2021 breaches but I betcha that by next week’s update there’ll be brand new ones from the new year to discuss. I managed to get enough connectivity in the middle of the Australian

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Well that’s Christmas down for another year, and a rather different one it was for so many of us around the world. I’m pumping this post out very quickly (a couple of days after recording) whilst midway along a very long drive. I’ll share more about that on my New

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I’m live again! Well, I was live having found enough connectivity in Port Douglas to go back to streaming. I’ll still be here next week too and will plan on doing a Christmas morning stream from the same location. I talk a bunch about the trip and what I’m seeing

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Well this is different; a weekly update bereft of neon studio lighting and instead done from the great outdoors, complete with all sorts of animal noises and a (probably) drunk green tree frog. I picked one of my favourite travelling companions to join me this week, a little guy I

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It’s a lighter weekly update this week, kinda feels like I’m still recovering from last week’s epic IoT series TBH. It’s also the last update from home before I go on my first decent trip since the whole pandemic thing started and as such, the next five updates will all

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