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The ransomware builders remind me old times, where Nukes and Exploiters were freely available on the underground communities, when few clicks were enough to bypass many AV vendors and attackers were activists or single people challenging the system. Nowadays the way the “builders” are developed and the way the criminality is abusing them to generate […]

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On April 2021, one of the most known Ransomware Gang called Babuk, decided to change the way they ask for ransom: no more double extortion, no more file encryption but just data exfiltration and a later announcement in case of no deal with the victim. It’s a nice move forward for a Ransomware Gang that, […]

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Before getting in the following Blog Post I would suggest you to read the “Part 1” of MuddyWater Binder Project which is available HERE, where you might contestualize the Code Highlights. Source Code Highlights Now it’s time to get into more core pieces of code. Let’s start with the file ConnectionHandler.cswhich is implementing the logic […]

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After serveral months (actually 15) from the Cybersecurity Observatory launch (you can find it HERE) I experienced a huge increment of classified Malware from the end of January 2021. The following picture shows how the average samples frequency is just more than twice if compared to the beginning of the month and to the past […]

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Today Yoroi released its last cybersecurity report (available HERE). Following I am copying one of its chapters to give you a little flawor about what you can get for free by downloading it ! Hope you might like its contents. The volume of the malicious code produced and disseminated in the wild is constantly increasing. […]

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Ci sono momenti che ti cambiano, alcuni per il dolore causato mentre altri per la grande gioia.  Questa e’ la mia fortunata storia di un tempo che ha cambiato la mia vita. Durante gli ultimi cinque anni ho avuto la fortuna di creare una organizzazione da zero, di farla nascere, di custodirla, di partecipare ad […]

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Today I’d like to share a quick analysis on a quite new and unknown threat spotted in the wild. The file which grabbed my attention is called Loader.js (md5: 59a03086db5ebd33615b819a7c3546a5) and if you wish you can download it from Yomi. A very similar (or maybe the same) threat has been observed in the past months […]

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Advanced and Persistent Threats are often inoculated by emails or by exploiting exposed vulnerabilities. Since vulnerability exploitation follows specific waves, it depends on vulnerability trends, the email vector become one of the most (ab)used and stable way to inoculate Malicious and unwanted software. A common way to attack victims is to make her open an […]

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According to the Yoroi annual cyber security report (available HERE), to Cyber Threat Trends (available HERE) and to many additional resources, Microsoft Office files (Word documents and Excel spreadsheet) are one of the most used malware loaders in the current era. Attackers lure victims, by seducing them to open a specially crafted Office document, which […]

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If you are a security researcher or even a passionate about how attackers implement phishing you will find yourself to look for phishing kits. A phishing kit is not a phishing builder, but a real implementation (actually re-implementation) of a third party website built to lure your victim. Initially attackers use a phishing builder to […]

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Hi Folks, today I want to share a quantitative analysis on a weird return-match by Upatre. According to Unit42 Upatre is an ancient downloader firstly spotted in 2013 used to inoculate banking trojans and active up to 2016. First discovered in 2013, Upatre is primarily a downloader tool responsible for delivering additional trojans onto the […]

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