Author: Chloe Pfander

The European Union’s Parliament approved and adopted the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in April 2016. This regulation will take effect after a two-year transitional period, meaning it will be fully enforced on May 25, 2018. At this time, if organizations are non-compliant, they will face hefty fines. There is a tiered approach to these […]

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The fourth, holiday quarter is the most critical revenue driver for retail businesses, as consumers purchase gifts for their family and friends. However, the increased spending and transfers of personally identifiable information provides an ideal opportunity for an attacker to steal user credentials, payment information, and consumer goods. Whether you are traveling, using your mobile […]

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Cyber security controls are only effective if there are no means of bypassing them. If a vulnerability exists that enables someone or something to circumvent your organization’s existing set of security standards, your whole network could then be compromised. With the rise of cybercriminals targeting known vulnerabilities on unpatched systems, especially through worms and malicious […]

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Because humans are often the weakest link when it comes to cyber security, it is critically important to integrate employee security awareness training into your cyber security action plan. By educating employees on best practices, policies, procedures, popular attack methods and trends, organizations can significantly reduce their risk of a data breach. Increasing your investment […]

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As schools open their doors for a new academic year, it is evident that education is becoming increasingly dependent on technology.  As a result, cyber security is a critically important component to the risk management strategies in schools. Having worked with dozens of schools internationally, COMPASS understands the unique threats they face. Fall is the […]

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